Ketogenic Hot Chocolate using a Rocket Stove

in nomad •  8 months ago

I've recently updated my method for making my morning Ketogenic Hot Chocolate to no longer require electricity for heating the water and powering the mixer. Using a Rocket Stove I am able to heat the water using small sticks and twigs I find lying around, and I stir the drink using a stainless steel shake mixer.

With this setup I am able to fit everything in my backpack with enough to last 2 weeks in the wilderness.

Toaks Rocket Stove:
Toaks Cooking Pot:
Bulletproof Thermos:
Klean Kanteen Bottle:
Klean Kanteen Container:
Shake Mixer:

Ancient Organics Ghee:
Bulletproof XCT Oil:
Cocoa Mojo:


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lovely video @cahlen
bonne apetite
thank you for sharing

whether you're on an adventure, a good idea, because in the jungle may need the idea of doing something as it used to be, using dried twigs and a bit of dry leaves will ease the fire on.
Have a nice day @cahlen


It definitely feels good to use a more natural way of cooking. Makes me feel closer to the Earth.

When I tried recently Ghee with MCT oil and chocolate, it always tastes,
as if you would eat asparagus and then I am missing the actual asparagus in my Did´t you feel the same in the first few weeks ?
I feel it tastes better with using actual coconut oil instead of Ghee and adding also a bit Lupines coffee...


It doesn't taste like asparagus to me. The ghee I use gives it a caramel taste.

I'm interested to know how the experiment with coconut oil goes. Could be a good option for vegans.


maybe my Ghee is different than yours...hmmm...
but at least the coconut oil I use tastes better than my Ghee to me...

Thisis my coconut oil:

and this is my Ghee:

As I live in Germany this is from


My ghee is made in a traditional way. It's made into yogurt, then butter then ghee. It's also from cows that ate only grass. Could be the difference.

Normal coconut oil is good for you, but it won't put you right into ketosis like MCT oil.

Cahlen, what else do you eat throughout the day ?
Also some fresh green herbs ?
what do you eat in the afternoon and at evenings ?


Currently I eat some collagen bars for lunch, sometimes egg yolks, and then I have white rice and greens for dinner.


Hmm, only egg yolks, not together with egg Whites ?

And are these collagen bars something like this:

Many thanks.


Ya just the yolks. Too much protein pulls you out of ketosis. All of the best nutrients are in the yolk anyway.

What I eat is very much like those bars. Here's the brand I use:


Isn´t white rice not also hydrocarbons ?
Is Ketosis diet not about eating almost no hydrocarbons ?
But you are pretty slim, so it is probably no big problem for you, right ?


I'm doing cyclical ketosis. I go in and out everyday rather than every few days because it helps me keep weight on if I eat carbs before bed. So I'm in ketosis until dinner most days.

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I'm drinking the MCT in my coffee too haven't tried ghee. Hopefully I get a chance to camp soon.


Nice! I interested to know if you notice anything.

The butter is pretty key to extending the duration of the energy the drink provides. MCT is fast burning and butter is slower. Mixing them gives the best of both.

Do you have problems getting out the little mixer ball? Or do you just always leave it in?


I just leave it in there. Probably near impossible to remove.