Hauling Cargo with a Rad Rover eBike

in nomad •  4 months ago

I recently gave my motorized bicycle to my good friend the @nomadman, and picked up a Rad Rover electric bike (eBike) as my secondary vehicle.

Come along as I use the bike to haul a large heavy object 8 miles back from town, while still having over 3/5ths charge in the battery after 16 miles round trip. This was up and down steep hills so it's pretty impressive in my book...

I hope to convert this bike and trailer into my primary transport for cross country nomadic traveling. No licensing, registration, insurance or expensive maintenance, and it's powered by the sun... Yes!


P.S. You can buy the bike at https://www.radpowerbikes.com or in their Seattle store.

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Cool bike. Does it have any kind of regenerative braking system?


No, though I'm working on a plan to install one. Might also harvest on downhills.

Nice setup, I've thought about doing that for a secondary vehicle so it'll be interesting to see how it works out. How many watt hours does the battery hold? Just wondering how long it would take to fully charge with a 100W panel. Also, are you using an MPPT charge controller?


I'm loving it so far!

The battery holds 672 Watt Hours. I think it takes about 6-7 hours to change to full, and it's drawing 150W from the battery bank when doing that. I'm using a PWM Charge Controller.

Well done with the bike, how much is it ?
Just saw it is 1399 Euros over here in Germany...
Well could you make some more videos how to more easily make money with the Steemit platform ? That would be cool,
if you could teach us more about your experience and how to withdrawl also money from Steemit and what the best method is to convert to fiat money.. many thanks in advance. Regards, Stefan.


I'll have a video coming out soon about how to make Steem playing a browser game called Steemnova. I'll cover withdrawing Steem and converting to fiat in a future video.

What app do you use to upload your videos to Youtube and to D-Tube and IPFS on your phone ?


I use the Brave browser.

Is the battery based on Lithium batteries... What exact Lithium type it used in these packs ?

Regards, Stefan.


Yes, they are 18650 lithium batteries. This pack uses the Samsung 35e.

Can you also paddle with it , so drive also with it, when the battery has died ? How fast does it go with a full battery ?


Yes, it's a normal 7 speed bike without the battery. They battery by itself gets the bike up to 20mph very quickly.

Awesome bike! It's geared for an adventure :)