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NLC2 Ad Contest Ends Tomorrow! Winner Gets 28,500 NLC2!steemCreated with Sketch.

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How To Get 28,500 NLC2 For Free (Design Contest)

We need some banner ads for the media buy we'll be doing to promote NLC on sites like,,, etc

Submissions will be voted on by the NLC Slack community using the nolimit emoji. Winner will get 28,500 NLC2 from Dan.

How To Enter - There are 2 banner sizes needed. Please submit 1 of each size. Submit your entries in the #designcontest channel. The following are the dimensions we need:



Winner will be selected as the banners with the most NoLimit votes on it

 NLC2 Slack: 

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@jerrybanfield should get in on this promo


Yep! :)

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