Introduction the No Limit Coin (NLC2) Blockchain Fantasy Football & Poker!

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Today I share my experience and knowledge about No Limit Coin (NLC2). Blockchain Fantasy Football done right will be huge! This coin is taylor made to fill this void in the Cryptocoin market!

NLC2 Wallet Address: NdFfzMK4EZ3KmP2NHVLHNAtR4iX8eSCKWh

You Can Buy NLC2 here.

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thanks for sharing your experience , before i buy XVG but prices still in dip. Thank you

Love the video brother! @broncnutz - From your video alone you have my attention to check it out on my own and see if my state will allow me to make an account. Regardless, like you had said - blockchain traffic certainly will draw investors and speculators in for a closer look and likely for a piece of the pie.

Thanks so much for introducing the coin to me and for the video -

I love when you found out you couldn't register an account and totally flipped to tone of the video to OGBRONCNUTZ style instead of the laid back dude that started the vid :)

Thanks for watching cuz!! I love the idea and maybe all the kinks are not worked out yet but a blockchain like this one has the potential to really blow up. Good luck seeing if your state will work. Keep me posted on how things go.

Hey bud!! So I was one of the lucky states allowed to create an account with No Limit Fantasy Sports..

After only about 10-15 minutes of checking out the site - here's my input

  1. Free 10 NoLimit2 coins for free for joining - $2.15 for free - Free is Free
  2. Very well designed website layout, speed, design, and functionality.
  3. Diverse contest pools ranging from 2 coin entry fees to 500 or 1000 - probably even more
  4. It appeared there were other sports besides Football but Football was all I could access for now.
  5. Unfortunately no Poker yet - (Poker is my GIG bro!!)

All in All - you seemed pretty dead on with your video - the handful of states that cannot signup sucks but hopefully will be resolved or maybe people can just get an IP proxy or whatever they are called to disguise their location. Or hopefully - ultra liberal COLORADO will just gain access for your sake..

I haven't been hugely in Fantasy Football the past few years and a lot has seemed to change but I am pretty pumped about it

Lastly - it appears anyone can purchase their coins direct from the site with a VISA, MC or ALIPAY which also caught my attention!!

Thanks again @broncnutz for sharing the coin and site with your followers :)

Sweet review cuz! I transferred some of my coins to my friend in Kansas who was able to set up an account as well. This coin and site is such a great idea.....I LOVE to play poker myself but I don't care much for playing for limited or zero stakes. Keep me posted on how your doing, payouts and smoothness of the blockchain if you would please! Good work brother.

Hey @broncnutz !!**

Just some quick insight for you into what I've experienced personally on the NoLimitCoin Fantasy Sports Platform..

At the time of my first comment to your video I'm almost positive the only available sport was Football even though their roadmap had Soccer listed prior to Football. Nonetheless - Soccer, Football, Hockey (Fantasy Hockey ?? - Interesting) all are live and have been on par with the roadmap. Next comes Basketball and MMA for 2018 Q1 and a "SURPRISE GAME – Q1 2018" - I didn't see any signs of Poker on the map so I was guessing that could be the game??? You mentioned not diggin zero/low stakes poker - as I don't either - was that what you had read or heard for the Platform - Praying its not the case and they have a similar outlay as do betonline and other poker sites with cash games, tourneys, heads up etc..

One thing that I don't recall you touched on in your video that I noticed was their very diverse team that is very intelligent, ambitious, and dedicated - not to mention well known - especially two of their main "Brand Ambassadors" Football legend JOE THEISMANN and Poker Great JOHNNY CHAN!!

The platform and fluidity, graphics, usability and complete design interface are all TOP-NOTCH and honestly very likely the industry/competition leader right now - I can not think of a Fantasy Sports or Sports Gambling site that even can compare to that of No Limit Fantasy Sports.. I truly can't

Lastly, Sorry I know this comment is long - I didn't know how else to communicate to you about the site and figured on your original post may be best as it may inform others interested in NLC2 coins or using the platform or both

I entered 4 different tournaments for the previous week - Each had a different amount of participants and entry fees/payouts. Unfortunately for me as a novice Fantasy Sports competitor I placed 6/6, 19/20 and finally 14/20 in my last three contests.. I've got a strategy now tho and a new team!!

Since your post 10 days ago NLC2 was trading around $.17 it peaked at $.48 and is settling temporarily at $.32 before it will start its rise again as it heads towards $1-2 by 2018 Q2

I hope you found my input valuable and I'm sure some of it you already know about but I'm really excited about the coin now and platform and also how the platform will recruit the younger generation in the US at least towards Crypto in general as well. #nlc2 #nolimitcoin

By the way - Im making a No Limit Coin post for my followers and would like to include a link to your post. Is that cool with you??

Awesome feedback man! I'm so sorry, its very hard to keep up with all these comments and live life too!!!! Keep it up and let me know how it goes cuz.

Thanks brother!! I will definitely keep you posted on the payouts, smoothness of the block, additions to the site - etc

There is a lot to be said about a very well designed, professional platform/site for users to (gamble, interact, play on, etc)

With the amount of contests, events, even freeplays etc (btw the other sports say "coming soon") - it is inevitable that there will be tons and tons of transactions being taken place on the NLC2 Blockchain - which as we know is a major indicator for investors, and simply drawing more attention to it..

I am definitely investing in NLC2 - I think it is very promising - my only holdback at the moment is lack of knowledge on any competition from other coins.. If you happen to know of any competition please let me know so I can check out their digs!

Lastly - thanks for the kind upvote man - much appreciated!

Anytime!! And yes the idea and concept is a smart bet - no pun intended. As you know - Fantasy Football, Online Betting, and Online Live Poker are all Multi Billion dollar industries. Big Big Money industry that is growing far beyond many others year to year

I'll def keep you posted as to how it works out for me (the platform) as of now -

thanks for upvote

Thank you for keeping us updated on different coins! Btw we talked about xrp yesterday. Do you think that it will keep rising after todays bull run? It is currently at about 2.8$ on coinmarketcap and I have doubled my money :)

I think it could go much higher but i have seen it sell off so fast you cant get out. The order book is moving so fast its dangerous to hold long term at this point in my opinion. XRP is gonna get some traction for sure

The thing is, even if it does fall back to like $1.5,which I doubt, i wouldn't really mind it too much, since I got in at like $1.3ish. @haejin predicted that it would go to at least around $4.11 which I think is a probable number. I'm just going to keep hodling it until I feel like moving on to a different currency :) Really appreciate your opinion though, since I am still kind of newbie-ish in crypto!

@broncnutz - Sir this coin contains a wonderful project idea... Without you we will not know about this coin Sir... Nice you decided to talk about it... Wonderful video with lots of useful information Sir...


No limit coin? I'm bout dat :)

I didn't realize they are accepting credit card payments! Awesome!

Sounds like a super coin although I wish I knew what states outlawed it? Don't you love it when a bunch of assholes tell you that you can't do somethin' based really on the fact that they can't or haven't figured out how to live off your dime yet? I have to say though I've been trying to get a bunch of armchair quarterbacks I know into cRyPto and this might just be the ticket.................. Thanks for leading the way as you usually do brother! Enjoyed!

Sadly if it’s not available in most states, I very much doubt it’ll be available over here across the pond. There’s a stock exchange game here in the UK for Soccer and you invest money into players, if their stock rises then you can cash in. I’m going to have a look at it. But it’s not crypto currency I don’t think? Will let you know though.

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yeah 719 we also enjoy ur blog with ur exiting videos and nice to be introduce a new coin which i dont see before this but hope now i will see this and if u say it be attractive next time and suggest then i will buy it some and whats excange from i purchase nlc2 @broncnutz

well this gain again to ists high and now this time it is in half of this high and the low supply hope rise up it also thanx to introduce this broncnutz and the football

Great video again! I was looking into no limit coin a few months ago and was intrigued by the idea myself! :) I think whoever can capitalize on transitioning fantasy sports to blockchain technology will be very successful. No limit coin was still too early in development and user base to invest last time I looked at it, but I think I'll check it out again! :)

now players gotta move their moves in crypto with no limit coin thanks for sharing :)

To be fair will definitely look into it .Thanks for your suggestion on Smartcash i wish i had more to get on that. ;)

this could truly turn around the game on the concept it has been made i loved the coin

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understand everything about it and must say looks a good coin time to buy in no limit too hhaa :D cryptopia here i come

thanks broncnutz looks like we all gonna create history in 2018 wonderful video

Always on the cutting edge of crypto... thanks!

Fantasy Football & Poker all in one place a place for the lovers to get into this using blockchain the first of its kind

this coin is definitely going to be a good one for holders in 2018

Not a gambler, but thanks for spreading the news. Every new cryptocurrency has the potential to become a killer app that can revolutionize the space.

ok... I can do the crypto end and @jimitations can do the football end (which I know nothing about) and I think we'll have it covered! excitement!!!

Fantasy spots (especially football) is HUGE $!!. Putting that on a blockchain/crypto could be genius. Gotta work out the kinks with access in certain states tho...that's tough.
Thanks for bringing this to our attention @broncnutz!

NLC2 is a Proof of Stake coin with instant transfers and low transaction fees.
I checked from coinmarketcap NLC2. Its seems high movement currently. (31.43%). Great video stuff man.....

I've actually been looking to get into this coin for a while now. It just hasn't come down to my "bullet proof" entry point, hehe. Glad you brought this one to everyone's attention! Thanks, bro.

I'm new to steemit but not cryptocurrency; like you I always thought the combination of fantasy sports and crypto would be a match made in heaven! Thanks for the info; love your personality btw:)

I have hard about this coin before too, and seem like a good future investment. thanks @broncnutz for updating us with new potential coins

thnx for info, i see now coin is at bottom , so its nice to buy :) 20 cents each

Crypto currency market is become very big, but I have no knowledge about it yet, nice video with good info.

Fantasy football (or as you might refer to it fantasy soccer) is huge here in Europe too. It's going to be awesome for that and it may be less likely to be regulated in Europe.

Exactly, there’s a site where you can invest in soccer players on a stock market type of thing over here in the UK, but I don’t think it’s linked to crypto currency sadly. I’ll check it out though.

Let us know what it's called. I'm no soccer expert, so predicting who's going to shine during a season I'll leave to those who follow it. I'll stick with the cryptos.


No Limit Coin kind of interesting due to the reason as you said has it own block chain and running up always will be interesting to hold some thanks for sharing the gem of piece once again

What a weird country we live in. You can smoke weed in Colorado, but you can't play fantasy football. Other way around here in Pennsylvania.

You play poker @broncnutz? Do you know we have a poker league right here on steemit? @spl, steem poker league on Texas Hold em and Omaha games. Free to play and you can win sbds. Hell I won 6 sbds tonight. It's a great community right here on steemit.

I like to play....I'll check the league out,

NLC2 and just imagine if it hit the major exchange in a little bit of time the price will be insanely up

I have of a ton of this stuff sitting on YoBIT!

Thank you for always sharing very informativd videos! Love it!

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Mr Nutz. What a lovely new years eve afternoon. Just sitting back relaxing waiting for this evening here in Guayaquil Ecuador and listen to your videos. I feel like I'm spend some quality with you cuz.I had no idea about so much of this stuff. Like connecting crypto to sports and gambling. I agree sounds like a great idea. What a pisser, won't function for a bunch of states. Don't blame you for selling most your holdings. Onto the next video my friend. Thanks for sharing! Happy New Year!

Thank you but ripple is going to top .

Sold me on smartcash. Selling me on this. Will check it out. @j-balls what u reckon? Any others you have your eye on? Raiblocks, xtrabytes and vechain been doing well for me of late

First....your videos keep getting more entertaining! Right on and thanks for keeping Steemit awesome!

This coin seems to have your name on it. I look forward to hearing more. I am curious how it will affect things here in Canada and for the fans here.

2018 will be the year of tokenization. So cool!

Keep em coming!

great video.....i will see if my country is allowed

Greet video sharing my dear friend.thanks for spreading the news.

wow the this rise up like fly football broncnutz sir and sure eveyone will see when i buy it it really fly to moon...and also thanx to share with us this...

Very good informative video once again bronc.Thanks for sharing it with us.Everytime I wait for your post.I hope the next one will be more better.

That's a great information. I followed your post because your post is very helpful for all.

this is imaginatively innovative and creative keep the amazing post alive

As you shared your experience and knowledge through video about No Limit Coin (NLC2). Blockchain Fantasy Football done right will be huge! This coin is taylor made to fill this void in the Cryptocoin market! This is very helpful for us and I am thankful to you @broncnutz

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the first cryptocureency for powering fantasysports.

that's great...

love it

Fantastic post, i think it helpful for us,u sre always made us excellent post.thanks bro

I am very motivated with your writing this, thanks for share your
experience. @broncnutz

thanks to introduce a crypto coin, and i like the mamed NLC2, it probably help the people as well as blockchain.

Cryptocurrencies are on the move

Goot pos you

Your posts are good. very beneficial for those who see your blog. sorry I can not vote you. my powor steam is crumbling. this is the love of recovery phase. if there is a solution of lamu please in love solution.



Excellent and very useful videograpy by @broncnutz
Wel done sir..
Actualy I dont know about No Lumit Coin before ur video...
But...I cam trust this coin. Surely...I hope try this coin. I'm always try collect some coins fir my future. .
Thanks again..
Good luck sir...

great knowledge you have and it shows in the video too fantastic sir keep sharing these videos

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hi i am new.........

This Post very nice...I like this Post... thanks for sharing this Post.... best of luck....


great video shared like NLC2 ....
Like it.....
followed and resteemed..

This Post very nice.I like this Post. thanks for sharing this Post.... best of luck.Informative video.

images (3).jpg

NLC2 is definitely going on my crypto radar! Thanks for bringing this to our attention to review. Sucks about the limitation in certain states.

Hello vote me plis..thank

Wonderful video. Thanks for share your experience and knowledge about NLC2.

yeah baby!

Good information about no limit coin , thanks for it

Informative video. 👍 Thanks for sharing @broncnutz

Haaay!!!! New coin..this shows you must be very good at research.

the wait of all fantasy ends here with no limit cool find this is and smartcash too over $0.50 wow

Great video @broncnutz. Have a good night!!!

Amazing post

Lovely experience man.
giphy-downsized (89).gif

wow nice video..learnt lof of things that i didn't know before..thanks for updating our knowledge :)

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