Noki Is Happy & Healthy Everywhere

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Noki is happy and healthy everywhere she goes.

This is because she is free and has been supported her entire life to be and play uninhibited.

She has no fear because she has had nothing to fear.

She is laying on the city street which by most parents opinion is dirty, gross, dangerous and inappropriate.

Yet she is happy and perfectly at peace. Because I don’t tell her what to do or not to do. In her world it’s all good.

Some would say well that’s irresponsible parenting. It’s dangerous.

Well guess what. I am looking out for her and actually at the highest level of responsible parenting.

I am watching her and protecting her and no matter what germ, bacteria or virus she is exposed to I simply give her the highest quality colloidial silver which is proven to neutralize all germs bacteria and viruses.

It can replace all antibiotics and is far cheaper, safer, more sustainable and affective!


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Healthiest and happiest kids I know!!!