Ice Cream The Dessert Toping Of A Dreamtastic Day

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Ice cream is the culmination of what would be an almost ideal kid day of Friends, swimming, noodles and now ice cream.


Enjoying life fully, in constant flow from one wonderful experience to another.




Mmmmmmm....enjoying that bowl with you right now dearest Noki!!! 💗 💗 💗 💗


Love you Noki

Ice cream is what my kids also wanted for Weekend😊 but they also like some other dessert if im the one who make it. I think we should also buy ice cream today 😍



super tempting , yummy ice cream and lovely kids. my kids just had their chocolate cone ice cream about 30 minutes ago 😃

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Hahaha... My first notice was the dog looking for the Ice Cream of the kid... 😆😆😆