Steemit Recap: Nodium official update 0.8

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We’ve been extremely busy at Nodium, it’s been quite a while since a medium update. Just to pinpoint the progress since last time, have a look below

  • New website progresses further. Aiming to publish within 1–2 weeks maximum. — DONE
  • Rebranding nears completion pending website — DONE
  • New roadmap — DONE
  • Discord team enlargement — DONE
  • Updated whitepaper — DONE
  • We will begin staking the pre-mine community fund wallet. In order to ensure the funds stay readily available for bounties, developers, exchanges and new team members to push Nodium ahead.

The new website

Development was a little slower than expected, but the outcome has been great. A completely new website was launched earlier last month, with great reviews from the community on it. Several members joined in on the bugs, development and improvements for the website too, which was great to see from a community coin coming together.


Re-branding complete

The whole project had an entire re-brand to represent the new future for XN ahead. Dark subtle color palettes were key for the new design, with zerocoin and anonymity at it’s very focus.


Asia Expansion begins

With the re-brand came a new focus for the project in it’s early stages. Asia inspired designs are a key focus for the development team at Nodium to match with what the next aim is.


  • HPX, a large china based exchange reached out to us via Telegram to be listed. We’ve since submitted documents with a hope to be listed in near future.
  • We’ve reached out to other asia based exchange, more released later in upcoming weeks.
  • Listed on HongKong based masternode platform:

Steemit now live

We decided to join steemit to keep an official presence there. This is due to Medium not supporting fully decentralized blockchain technology. All posts will now only be available here in support of the blockchain revolution we wish to only be part of.


Decentralized exchange

  • Early development begins
  • Legal research
  • Team sharing ideas on it’s look and focus

We’re in very early stages with it, and on schedule for a Q4 launch — This will be the keystone of Nodium’s focus at a later stage.

Sneak peek mockup


What’s next?

  • Exchange listing confirmed
  • More shared masternode services partnerships
  • Third party MN installer confirmed
  • More project promoters
  • Work further on DEX, both legal and dev side

I'm pretty confident about that project ! be a part of the new world ! @nodium

Great! It's always a good thing to hear positive news from my favorite altcoin!

Sounds good, team has been definitely putting in the work and XN is criminally undervalued!

Waiting for coming events!

That's great news for Nodium project.
I follow this project from start and I'm sure it has a bright future.

Always hitting the marks on the roadmap. Looking forward to seeing the development.

Just goin up!

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