High Performance Passive Cooled Intel I9

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at Computex 2019 Noctua is showing off a prototype fanless heatsink which it claims can passively cool an Intel Core i9-9900K.  That's an eight-core processor running at up to 5GHz with a TDP of 95  watts. Noctua tested its new heatsink by using it to cool a 9900K in the  hot conditions of the Computex show floor for several hours. Apparently  it happily sat at 95 degrees throughout.

Source: https://www.pcmag.com/news/368614/noctuas-1-5kg-fanless-heatsink-cools-a-core-i9-9900k

AWESOME !!!!!!!  that we see progress in that direction ! So hopeful soon we can build a high performance passive cooled customMac :)

Now we only need a chimney-type (Intake bottom, outtake top, sides sealed ) housing and we can build the perfect high performance passive cooled customMac. (Separate heat zones for cpu / psu / gpu might be a good idea to separate the airflow)

Image Source:



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