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Just some minutes ago, I saw a post by @whatamidoing regarding a movement that supports steemians who do not use bidbot and I was captivated.

It is very obvious that steemit does have a balanced skewness; it is very negatively skewed, and we get to see many people come up with great quality posts but get little or no attention from the trending page or whales. On the flip side, we also notice that those that use bidbot gets trending and gets to make so much money with, sometimes, not equal to posts compared to the minnows who do not use bidbot.

The nobidbot movement seeks to put an end to this disparity to a very large extent. It seeks a steemit where people can be very successful without using these bidbots. @whatamidoing doesn't do this alone, he has the support of various whales and among them is @bycoleman who runs the @transparencybot campaign as well which seeks to make steemit as transparent as it should be.

Wouldn't you want to wake to a steemit where things are going on the right way? Wouldn't you prefer a system that builds friendship with fellow humans? Wouldn't it be fair to have more whales roam around steemit?
If you think it should be so then now is the time to make the nobidbot tag grow! Use it as a tag in your posts and improve the potentiality of the campaign.

Note: those whales who support the nobidbot move monitor posts on the tag and support posters with upvotes and resteems.

There's a discord channel as well. Join the discord channel via and help grow a greater sense of community on steemit. Thanks!

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Hello! I find your post valuable for the wafrica community! Thanks for the great post! @wafrica is now following you! ALWAYs follow @wafrica and use the wafrica tag!

I very much like the idea behind the tag and I'm with you—I hope many people will use it. The potential of having larger accounts watching the tag is great, but just having likeminded people participating will be good in and of itself.

The amounts that end up on posts because of bid bots don't tell the whole tale, because we don't get to see the breakdown of how much is actually from bots versus what human curators have upvoted. And since the bots need to be paid, the amount on the post is always going to be more than what the person using the bot actually nets.

I'm hoping people who produce quality content and use the nobidbot tag will be able to see decent enough returns because they will have more eyes on their posts.


Very well said @glenalbrethsen. I can't say less. Let's hope for a better steemit via this tag.