Balloons to NK

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This video is one example of how an organization tries to get information to the North Koreans. There are volunteers who meet together to prepare the balloons. Then they have to consider safe and effective locations and note wind direction and strength for the launch. On the other side in NK, the government warns not to touch them or face punishment. There's no way to tell how many actually make it to the people.

Other groups send other things. I remember reading about an instance when workers in a certain factory were going to be deprived of a candy bar that they were used to getting. So a group of South Koreans got a balloon launch together to send candy bars over. The government in NK warned the people that they were poisoned. Other things sent could be articles of clothing like t-shirts, snack items, needed food items or necessities.

When ever an individual, group, or organization plans to get aid to NK, they have to be very cautious, innovative, hopeful and/or prayerful.

Bible 'Balloon Offensive' Floats into North Korea - YouTube
Video for balloon LAUNCHES to nk▶ 6:03

Aug 19, 2016 - Uploaded by CBN News
Bible 'Balloon Offensive' Floats into North Korea. ... North Korea sends balloons full of used toilet ...

Thanks to people with ideas and balloons, and to wind power, to try to send a little aid or info to people living in extreme deprivation and oppression.


The situation in North Korea, is certainly an issue, I really wish that we could as a species find a way to deal with this type of thing without costing lives.

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