Njweedman charged with "cyber-bullying" Trenton, NJ police officer.

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Edward Forchion / Trenton police officer Herbert Flowers
TRENTON >> NJ Weedman resorted to slut-shaming Mercer County prosecutors after he was indicted for calling a Trenton Police officer a "pedophile" in a tense encounter caught on tape earlier this year.

"What if I called [Prosecutor} Stephanie Katz a slut?" marijuana activist Ed "NJ Weedman" Forchion said when he learned from a Trentonian reporter he was indicted for cyber-harassment. "If I called Stephanie Katz a slut, her husband would have every right to come beat me up. But they couldn't indict me or arrest me for it, legally. But that's what they just did with me calling Officer [Herbert] Flowers a pedophile. And I double down. Pedophile. P-E-D-O-P-H-I-L-E."

Forchion was indicted this month on a single count of fourth-degree cyber-harassment over the May 10 incident with Flowers, which was captured on film and later posted online.

The charge carries up to 18 months in prison for Forchion, who is already facing seven years in the slammer in his drug case.

A grand jury foreperson signed the true bill Sept. 15, according to records obtained by The Trentonian. Read news story here - http://www.trentonian.com/article/TT/20160929/NEWS/160929697

This is a true story. I go for my official arraignment on Oct 31st - Mercer County Superior Court. This is video of incident - 5/10/2016


The actual arrest 5/13/2016


Nice first post (I would have copied and pasted the (even if its just the beginning) in writing from the article & pasted it in here inbetween good images & videos (if available) cause personally i rarely will click links but if (even the beginning of the story was here id probably read it n then i might click to finish! But i just realized theres a video so yeah heh just my opinions i always have to put out there lol but anyway this is great now I will be able to keep up with your craziness in posts on here alot easier! Keep it up :3 #following

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