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RE: NIX Platform to switch from PoW to PoS, Increasing Network Security

in #nixplatform2 years ago

Greetings friend @ dacx.
I really enjoyed reading your post. It is evident that you researched to be able to give us that valuable information. Thank you.

I see that the change to PoS has not yet been made and I have several concerns;

  • How will Nix recognize the tokens that users have obtained through mining?

  • Will all these tokens pass to support user participation?
    and finally:

  • Does that wallet update imply downloading a new one or is it a free update?

Thank you in advance for your valuable response.


Hello creativeblue, thanks for your reply.
You don't need to have any concerns. People who obtained NIX coins through mining will keep them. As for your second question, please rephrase - I don't understand what you mean.
Lastly, using NIX is completely free. All future updates are available to everyone free of charge.

Thanks for your receptivity.
your publication and answers were very constructive.
I will be attentive to your next publications.

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