Hello Steemians ! @jona12 introduced me.

in #nitegeka4 years ago

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My name is Patrick Nitegeka
I thank @jona12 for introducing me to Steemit and I know this platform will be a good opportunity for me for expressing myself.

#Introduceyourself. I am 32, Burundian by nationality and I am married. I speak French, English, Kiswahili and basic German… My favorite sport is Ping-Pong, and my favorite book is the Bible. I am a lawyer by profession and currently doing a Master in Research and public policy.

I have just joined steemit and I hope to get more friends on this platform and share with steemians some of my articles, comments and analysis on our everyday’s life. In my steemit blog, I will be posting mainly about Christianity in regard to politics, good governance, pubic policy, rural transformation, developing countries and political economy and on any other interesting topic.
Thank you !


wauhhh...welcome @nitegeka. We are glad to see you

Awesome is a word of encouragement and you really are very gorgeous..

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