What is Money?

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Money is the container of my energy and talent and skills package into my money..

I can use it to vote for a product i can use to gain more energy and use to create talent skills into my life, nothing more

nothing less. I am very grateful and thankful that i was able to express my thoughts into a platform that will enable me to

voice out who i am and will somehow get rewarded for it. Envolving into steemit and storing and piggy banking my

money through steem power is the most valuable things I had ever done into my life. This the first time in my 36 years of

existence to invest in a revolutionary technology , that beforehand only High Networth individula can only afford. This is i

think the time where the playing field is flat and accessible to anyone of any race of any citizenship, to purchase a piece of

investment worth a fortune 5 to 10 years from now. Wealth creation is achieved only through daily savings of a penny and

purchase it with steem in blocktrade.com or any exchanges available in your country and my country. And hodl it until it

Is worth a fortune. The best thing about steem is that you can convert it to steempower which you can use to upvote your

Own post or others post. But if you are not into writing a post you can delegate it to others and earn a reward in return.

Like on my case i delegate it all to @ tipu and i am satisfied with the return.

Steem is my generational wealth investment type and even though others will give up I will not go away because this a

Cryptocurrency like bitcoin but so much more rewarding than that of bitcoin.

Transaction fee is zero, fast and no one can ever stop the transaction.

Holding and transitioning from fiat money to cryptographic money is actually escaping from the bankster and escaping

From the old type of economy that only serves the creator of the fiat. And Stop serving the people using it.

In short this the very first priority of people like me if i really wanted to change my financial status. Saving through steem

And writing my idea for everyone who wants to capture ideas in life.

This message will echo to my sons and daughters for them to know what i am thinking at this moment at this time of my



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