The Next NIO Staking Rewards Period is About to Begin!

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Hold NIO Before the Third Snapshot on April 9th to Receive NIOX

On April 9th, the third snapshot for NIO Staking Rewards will begin. To receive NIOX tokens at the end of this campaign, users simply need to hold NIO tokens in a non-exchange wallet and keep them there until the end of the staking period. NIO cannot be removed from the wallet during this period in order to qualify for the NIOX distribution. The longer NIO is held this way, the greater the NIOX Staking Reward will be the end of the campaign.

The periods of staking rewards progress with one stage immediately following the next one. The initial snapshot took place on January 31st, 2019. For every 100 NIO held throughout the staking reward period, users will receive the following NIOX airdrops at the end of the campaign:

Stage 1) 100 NIO held for 23 days will receive 5 NIOX (completed on February 23rd, 2019)
Stage 2) 100 NIO held for 45 days will receive 10 NIOX. (will be completed on April 9th, 2019)
Stage 3) 100 NIO held for 90 days will receive 15 NIOX (snapshot 4 will take place July 8th, 2019)
Stage 4) 100 NIO held for 190 days will receive 20 NIOX. (snapshot 5 will take place January 4th, 2020)

This means that for every 100 NIO added to a stake before the stage 3 and 4 snapshots, users will receive an additional 15 and 20 NIOX for each completed stage respectively.

The rules of the NIO Staking Rewards campaign are outlined below. More information can be found in the Autonio Telegram chat.

• Users cannot move any NIO out of their wallet without disqualifying the Ethereum address from both the current and future periods of NIOX Staking Rewards.

• NIO must be held without removing any from the wallet for the entire reward period to be eligible.

• NIOX will be airdropped based on the snapshot participation to the eligible NIO wallets at the end of the campaign. This will occur after the final snapshot and a short verification period. Limited amounts of NIOX may be distributed sooner depending on the circumstances.

• However, if NIO is added to a wallet before the next snapshot takes place and held throughout the entirely of the next Staking Reward period, the increased NIO balance will be used as the basis for the corresponding snapshot.

The NIO token is used to access the AutoNIO Trading Terminal, purchase algorithms through the algorithm marketplace, and conduct sentiment analysis through the upcoming AI module. NIOX will be used to provide resiliency benefits, market making rewards and other perks. The tokens will function independently but will be interchangeable through the NIO Suite’s exchange offerings.

NIOX utility will unlock lower trading fees on the NIOdex, increased market making rewards, and the ability to vote on future exchange listings. The NIOdex features an inbuilt market maker which both simplifies and automates the process. The breakdown of NIOX trading benefits is outlined below.

NIOX tiers.PNG
For more information on the NIOdex, please visit

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