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Like most people I have a bunch of clutter around the house. Lately I have been trying to de-clutter but I don't want to just throw stuff out. Now I would never throw and old school Nintendo system out but I have had it sitting around for a long time and I know some people like to collect these things so I though I'd list it up on the dreaded Facebook marketplace.

Now before I go and say what I got for it I'll tell you how I came to own it. I never had one of these when I was a kid, I had a Sega Master System II. I always wanted one though and when I saw it at an op shop, complete with two controllers, gun, four games and all the leads for a crisp $20 AUD I snap bought that on the spot.

With the exception of a slightly dodgy power button (works fine but just needs a gentle press) it works perfectly. After eight years of ownership on my part I listed it for $150 AUD. Sold and picked up within 24 hours. Now some may say too cheap, others too expensive. For me it's just right because I don't have a Nintendo sized bit of clutter in the house anymore, and I'm a little bit richer.

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I had one of those once 🤣 and it was old when I got it. I don’t even remember where I got it from, just that it was the first console I ever had and a friend who had come over to play excitedly joked about how I finally had a console in my house 🤣 (I was a pc gamer, branched into PlayStation after getting together with my partner)

Hope you got some enjoyment out of it and are now enjoying your space and $150 and that the next owner is also enjoying it 😆

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To be honest I'm glad someone else is getting to enjoy it because it was wasted with me. Money is the icing on the cake.

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The old nintendo days so good. Sad to hear you sold it.


Nah, it's not a sad thing. I'm happy someone who really appreciates it has it now.

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