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The New Boy

Life as a minnow sucks. You take a walk in the neighbourhood hoping to make some friends but noone sees you. You just moved in. You have not many friends. You get awe-strucked when you see a passing whale and you really hope that the whale would just notice you from his peripheral view. But that remains a hope. The big boys are playing frisbee in the park but they only hangout within their circle. Your world seems dark and you hope that someone would just stop and ask how your day has been.

whale .jpg


It seems that those who has friends gets more friends. You wonder where you start. A leaflet flew by, carried by the wind. It is a whale with a mysterious cape, looks like a ninja. He has this vibe about him, he is like the pied piper that brings you friends. You look into your wallet, you don’t have much, and there is 1.2 SBD that you collected after 3 days of being in this neighbourhood.


You gave it a though and since it is only 0.4 SBD, why not give it a try. Maybe it will get me more friends. You paid the 0.4 SBD and suddenly he appeared with his groups of friends. They are all looking pretty hippy, there are big and small fishes. Some minnows. All 49 of them. They came and tell you how good you are and suddenly the neighbourhood didn’t seem like a bad place afterall. The entire commotion attracted the boys playing in the field. Some came by and got acquainted with you and actually asked when you are free to hangout.

New Friends

Wow, their visit left some impression with the kids in the neighbourhood. You are 0.4 SBD lighter but when they came, they actually contributed back to your pocket. You though, well it’s a trade off, at least I get noticed. Ninjawhale in his mysterious ninja ways before leaving imparted a word of wisdom,

‘My friend, we are always here for you when you need, but if you call us and combine our presence with @minnowboooster, @booster, @randowhale, @buildawhale and @bellyrub the party would be bigger.’

BeFunky Collage.jpg

You know what he said is true. You are inspired, looks like having friends doesn’t have to be an expensive affair afterall. You know when you grow up, you want to be as cool as @ninjawhale.


If you have any enquiries pls feel free to ask if @ninjawhale's discord channel:

A huge shoutout to my friends @bambam808, @btcvenom and @zord189. You guys had been amazing in promoting @ninjawhale


...evolution is a magical thing!

it sure is.

I like how you create a story for @ninjawhale that is so relatable to us minnows. It gives a more personal feeling towards the service which I think it's great. Many bots are just being bots, if u know wat i mean. @ninjawhale is diff.

@ninjawhale lurks behind a shadow of mystique to help those in need. Deep down in his heart he is a party animal that loves creating party...

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