Sad to see you close, this was a nice service to push users to the hot section for a few minutes.

No worries on the sent SBD think of it as a retirement gift and a thanks for previous services.

It was my first attempt and it took me quality time to generate it. So ninjawhale has to refund me. I know it is a pinch to ninjawhale, but I tell u it is a big chunk to me...

I don't understand why you flagged me for telling @ninjawhale thanks and he could keep my SBD that I sent to him.
That's a pretty stupid asshole way to use a flag, lol. Maybe, I can return the favor and give you some too, that will cost you way more than 1 SBD.

My sincere apology... Mind u 59 didn't move me. Lol

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Ur broadcast came in late because I sent the required sbd earlier on, before ur broadcast... So kindly send my 1 sbd to me @kainos-success. I await my refund. Thanks

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