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"Plus Ultra (+U) is a secret society, comprised of the greatest minds throughout history, that created Tomorrowland. Their motto is "Cras es Noster" which means "Tomorrow is Ours" in Latin. It was founded in 1889 by Nikola Tesla, Thomas Edison, Jules Verne, and Gustave Eiffel. It went on to include other members such as Mark Twain, Ray Bradbury, and Walt Disney. By creating Tomorrowland, members hoped to build a technologically and scientifically advanced world without hindrance or interference.

On September 9, 1889, a secret meeting was held in the private apartment at the top of the Eiffel Tower, during the 1889 Universal Exposition of Paris. Gathered at this meeting were four of the greatest minds of the time: Gustave Eiffel, Thomas Edison, Jules Verne, and Nikola Tesla. Eiffel, the host of the meeting, posed three questions to the men: What is the best possible future for all mankind? How do we make it? How do we make people want it?

Each man held a different answer. Edison felt our world to be too fragile for the wrong answer, yet was intrigued by the idea of Utopia. Tesla wanted a playground of boundless creativity, free from corrupting influences of any kind. Verne wanted codes of ethics, to remind people what they were working towards and working for. While the men didn't quite meet eye to eye, they agreed and concluded that progress and innovation wasn't moving fast enough, and that they had to put aside their differences and self-interests and work together to make the world better.

Thus, led to the formation of a secret society of similar forward thinking and optimistic people. It was Verne who suggested the name. He remembered the the warning "Non Plus Ultra," given to the heroes of antiquity venturing into realms unknown. Thus, they called their society “Plus Ultra”, Latin for “further beyond”. By forming this society, they hoped to bring the best and the brightest people together to further drive progress and change the world.

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This is a follow up to Tesla's Little Secret video.

Further reading: http://www.stopplusultra.com/

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