Nike revolution 4 Reviewed

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Nike revolution 4 Reviewed

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Last week I visited my friend's store in Massachusetts; the store was comprising of full Nike shoe collection. On that very morning, I was reading people's apprehensions about Nike shoes. I took my friend on this topic, and he started telling me about different models of Nike shoes.

When I came across Nike Revolution 4, I found it more interesting to inform people about this. Nike Revolution 4, has been on the top trend if we talk about the regular customer of Nike shoes. I jotted down all the details related to Nike revolution 4; then, I realized why I should not share these details with other people.

I bought this Nike revolution 4 shoes for my personal use, and after having used these shoes for one week, I drew some conclusions about this shoe that I am yet to tell you. I found various plus points in these shoes but, I also found some drawbacks that I would tell you in the last of my review.

By the way, for the minor introduction, it is due to tell you that Nike has recently launched this shoe. This product created a hype, but that could not be sustained for a long. Why did this trend wound up too early? Let's see the reason one by one but, before seeing the reasons let me tell you about the description of this shoe.

Specifications of the Nike Revolution 4:

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Being a well renowned and the leading shoe brand hopes always remain high when it comes to buying the shoe of this brand. Here are some details about the Nike Revolution 4,
• Rubber sole.
• Lightweight shoe.
• Athletic shoe.
• Nike Revolution 4 the best for men’s running shoes.
• Core performance.
• Imported shoe.
• Textile shoe.

Rubber sole:

What I experienced in this shoe is that this shoe has a rubber sole. While wearing this shoe, you will feel comfortable as you need not exert more force to walk and to move forward. This rubber sole added in the plus point of the Nike Revolution 4 shoes. The strength of this sole is impressive that can withstand the fast tear due to excessive use of the sneakers. Furthermore, this rubber sole does not add too much weight to the net weight of the shoe. It looks presentable in the shoe.

Light Weight shoe:

When I wore this shoe for the first time, it was an enjoyable experience that I felt. The lightweight of this shoe is an excellent source of comfort for the customer. The of the pair is about 400 grams, which adds more value to this product. Nike Revolution 4 has been specially designed for jogging and running purposes. Even I experienced it well while I jogged wearing this shoe. It reduces your effort, and you put for moving forward. Meanwhile, the grip of the sole is amazingly well and outstanding. This feature is highly laudable from the Nike Shoe company.

Athletic shoe:

I am fond of playing football, and even I am a diehard fan of Lionel Messi. I had a football match with my friends, so I joined them. Wearing this shoe, I went for my game, and I impressively played my sport as I was entirely comfortable with this shoe. I was putting less effort into moving myself for the sake of football. Means, this is one of the best athletic shoes I ever wore during my game. The softness of the inner part of the shoe has been stunningly well. Furthermore, while running, the sole of the shoe provides you with enough grip on the ground, and you may easily escape falling or slipping.

Best for Men Running Shoe:

Whenever it comes to buy the running shoe, the choice is tough to make for this. But now, I am sharing my personal experience with you. Writing my honest review about this property of the shoe, I am due to tell you that this shoe has been specially made to make your jogging and running practices easy and comfortable. This quality has been emerged by the inclusion of rubber sole, lightweight, and inner softness of the shoe. Wearing this shoe while your jogging, you will admire the venture that has been made by the Nike Company. Furthermore, the sole of the shoe has been designed by keeping in view the foot anatomy of men.

Core performance:

Overall, this shoe is recommended due to the comfort it offers for its buyer. Whatever, the activity you are doing wearing this shoe, this shoe will help you the best in making that activity fantastic and well. Either you go for a walk or playing the game. You will find this shoe assisting you with every task of yours'. The full-length sole of rubber would make you run and jog longer than any other shoe. Furthermore, if you cast a sight on its appearance, it also looks presentable and allures you to but it. In short, this will be one of the best choices to make for your jogging and gaming well and full of enjoyment.

Imported Shoe:

One more thing that is yet to tell you is that this shoe is imported directly from the Nike Company. For example, you live in a country other than the USA, and you can still have this shoe by placing your order at or any other website you want to use for this purpose. Meanwhile, Nike has opened its outlets in many states, and you can also easily buy this Nike Revolution 4 from those outlets. One thing must be kept in mind that you have to be aware of the copied brands.

Textile shoe:

The manufacturing of the shoe includes material from textiles too. The upper part of the shoe belongs to the textiles. The upper material is made mostly by the sponge type clothing that keeps your feet warm in winter and remains the source of comfort for you.

So, these were the features and specifications of the Nike Revolution 4. Now, I would give you the reason why you should go to buy Nike Revolution 4.

Why should you buy these shoes?

  1. The price has always been a concern whenever you go to the market to buy something. All people would prefer to have the best quality product at a low price. The same is the case with Nike Revolution 4. The low cost of this shoe remains as an accelerating factor for its rapid sale. The amount of this shoe ranges from $33.83 to $125.00. The upper limit is a little bit high but, you can more comfortable experience through this. In this range, you can have the Nike Revolution 4 shoe for hiking, training, basketball, and soccer. The sneakers in this edition are also available.

  2. Of course, whenever you buy something, there might be a role in the physical appearance of that product. In this case, the design of the shoe also played an important role and succeeded in alluring and attracting people towards itself. As the price was already comparatively low so, a significant number of people bought this shoe. No doubt, this shoe has a fantastic design and must be preferred you go for buying your shoe.

  3. The easy availability of the product affects the thinking of the people. If a thing is readily available, most people will go for it instead of going far-flung in search of their desired outcome. The company has assured the easy availability for every user. Mostly, there are Nike's outlets in every city in the USA. So, this factor brought enormous profits for Nike Revolution 4.
    Sometimes, it hurts if you like something, and it is not available in your size. But, there is no such scene about Nike. The availability of every size added to its profit and left a positive impact on the minds of the people. You may get your size quickly if you like Nike Revolution 4.

  1. When it comes to choosing your running shoe, the underfoot platform matters a lot. According to many honest reviews and my personal experience, it has been concluded that the underfoot platform of this shoe is useful for the runners. It would make your running experience even better.
  2. The upper unit also keeps the primary importance of primary importance while selecting the shoe. The upper unit of Nike Revolution 4 keeps the feet ventilated in summer, and in winter, this shoe keeps the feet of user comfortable. This upper unit remained highly laudable among the people who bought these shoes. I prefer this too.
  3. The best part of this shoe appeared when more than one person wore the same shoe and found no kind of skin irritation on their feet. This experiment provided the base to the rhetoric that more than one person can use this shoe without having any skin trouble. Furthermore, the sizes could be adjusted for others’ by removing or wearing the socks.
  4. The color scheme of the shoes is impressive. If you are fed up using the limited coloured edition of the shoe, you must go for the Nike Revolution 4 shoe. Here you will have the best color schemes for your footwear. It is provided that you may choose any of them in any size according to your requirement and liking.
  5. One more feature of Nike Revolution 4 is that it has a tremendous and firm grip on the ground. One may easily carry out it is running and playing without having the concern of falling and slipping. After wearing this shoe, you will just feel it the part of your own body.
  6. The lightweight property of the shoe remained the topic of discussion among the people who were well aware of the quality of the shoe. The lightweight of the shoe provides its user with ease and comfort. You can easily make all your plans physical without having any problem because of this shoe.

Now, I am going to give you the reason why you should not buy Nike Revolution 4. I experienced these faults in Nike Revolution 4. When I came to know about peoples’ reviews about these faults, my statement was automatically attested.

Why should you not buy this shoe?

  1. There appear cracks on the upper unit of the Nike Revolution 4 after some uses. These cracks look bad on the surface of the upper unit of the shoe.
  2. On the shoes' upper sides, there appears a hole after a few wearing only. This hole becomes more and more visible with the passage of time and decreases the value with of shoe ahead. The company must address this issue.
  3. The color of the Nike Revolution 4 starts fading after a few wearing. The original color of the shoe disappears; this looks odd.
  4. From some online customers, the complaints about color also appeared. According to them that the shoe that was sent to them was of a different shade. The shade of the shoe was not the same as what they ordered or what they received.

Final Verdict about Nike Revolution 4:

Having discussed all the pros and cons, merits, and demerits of Nike Revolution 4, it is concluded that Nike Revolution 4 is recommended. If we cast a look at the number of benefits and number of faults, it would not be difficult for us to conclude. Furthermore, Nike also responded to the complaints of users and declared that it was a limited edition in which those flaws were reported.

Unfortunately, I was one of them. Later on, the reviews and sales of Nike Revolution 4 shoe got boosted after having confirmation from the Nike Company. I personally and based on peoples' reviews recommend that you must go for buying this shoe. You would enjoy the experience of this shoe. Meanwhile, be aware of the copied product that is in excess in the market with the same logo.


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