Does Freddy Kruger Really Exist? The Truth Can Sometimes be Stranger Then Fiction

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Good day Steemers!

Do you remember a horror film called "Nightmare on Elm St?" The movie was about people falling asleep and getting murdered in there dreams but it actually happening in reality. The movie scared the heck out of a generation that was already addicted to gore films.

The movie was creative and successful and went on to adding sequel after sequel. I was thinking about the premise behind this film and decided to look a bit deeper into it. I posed the question to myself, "Is it possible to have nightmares that actually traumatize you, even cause death?"

Have you ever experienced reoccurring nightmares? A study done in Australia in 2010 was unable to rule out the idea that bad dreams are the minds way of processing anxiety, therefore having a healing effect on emotions. Actually, reoccurring nightmares caused more anxiety.
Tore Nielson, director of the Dream and Nightmare Laboratory at Sacred Heart Hospital in Montreal posed a possibility that something is going wrong in the brains of people who experience more anxiety due to nightmares, rather then ease it. Nightmares are supposed to help us process our emotions but if a person has this defect, the nightmares actually cause more trauma.

As far as nightmares causing death?...

A condition known as SUNDS "Sudden unexpected nocturnal death syndrome", a genetic disease, that basically causes your heart to forget to remember to beat in mostly young men was the inspiration of Wes Cravens films "Nightmare on Elm Street" but I did not find any info linking nightmares to SUNDS.

Another phenomena that could be compared to a "Freddy Kruger" experience is something called Night Terrors. People who suffer with Night Terrors report waking up to a chest pressure and a sense of someone or something else in the room with them. People who experience night terrors are unable to move sometimes, but also wildly thrashing is a symptom of night terrors. Some who experience them believe that the terrors are associated to alien abduction or demons.

The mind is an unexplored ocean of variables. What relevance do dreams hold if any? What are your thoughts?



interesting , I have never seen the films myself , but I do know about them , just don't go to sleep......

I think that it could be possible. I used to have nightmares every day for years, and I remember once in particular I was thrown from a cliff into hell, and as I hit the floor I woke up bouncing about a meter off my bed. I remember hitting the bed frame under my matress as I was ‘pushed’ down so hard.

Do you think dreams could be us accessing another realm/dimension? Maybe our consciousness is able to access something else through sleep.

Or maybe, our dreams are just as real as our lives right now, and as we fall asleep in another world we wake up in this one...

I think yes to all! Ever watch Rick and Morty? The most brilliant and profound messages can me so simple. I absolutely think that dreams are the most under researched phenomena humans encounter. Even more absurd about that is it happens to us every single day no matter if we remember them or not. They are truly a mystery. Sleeping is a mystery too! dream or no dream we check out of everything we know every freaking day. We wake up knowing that when we do... we are re-entering our world. Of all the things we study and try to figure out in life I think dreams and this scarry ass way of shutting down and leaving our body 100% vulnerable to the elements and powers that be is key to everything we fear. When we sleep... anything could happen around us and we do not flinch. If we are put in a deep enough state ...our body does not even feel getting cut into. That shit is weird. I have has some insane dreams... from dreaming about being a male serial killer who gets caught and instead of death they cut my dick off. And to this day... That was one of the most disturbing dreams I have ever had. Not because of the content so much as the way my heart felt like a heart attack as it woke me up. My chest literally hurt and I was nauseated.
I have also had lucid dreams and am getting pretty good at having them. They can be any type of dream good or bad and if I become lucid, I always take advantage of it and play.
But since I was a little girl my favorite dream HANDS DOWN are flying dreams! The first thing I do when I have a lucid dream is fly. Do you ever fly in your dreams? if so, how do you take flight? Some times I have to run into flight, other times I have to sort of float. Like do the opposite of when you float on your back in the water. just facing down...

Yes rick and Morty is awesome! Whenever I watch I keep seeing the true meanings!

Exactly, we only really understand sleep as a use to ‘recharge our batteries’. But it doesn’t make sense how we are basically in a coma and then wake back up normally some hours later. There is so much more to it that we don’t understand, or maybe can’t understand yet. It’s some crazy shite to think of, especially the fact that we can be so out of it that we don’t know what the hell is going on around us, at all. Our antennas are tuning into another frequency!

Woah that’s one intense dream! It’s crazy how it stays with you for some really profound ones, yet others are forgotten instantly. I had a reoccurring dream when I was a kid of me just staring at an oil rig in a desert - it was so strange and I still don’t understand it.

Cool that so amazing, I have been trying to lucid dream for a while now but I haven’t really been able to yet! I really want to be able to! How long did it take you? Any tips? Wow that sounds amazing and I LOVE FLYING IN MY DREAMS! Ive had it a small number of times but remember it being the best thing I could imagine, and waking up believing that if I truly put my mind to it then I can. I wonder if we can...


btw.. the rick and morty reference was to make a point that there are infinite realities of self. If you can think it ...some place it is or has happened. like dreams. If we have infinite reality of self, why wouldn't we be able to tap into anyone of them and at any given time? That's why I think sleep phenomena is the key to everything. Time travel, space travel, death, life, eachother

I want to work on this more so I can begin to tap into anything and truly create my own reality. I would love to manifest my thoughts in the most positive way and make it all count! I don’t have all of these thoughts for nothing! :D

DMT is some shit I do not think you should just smoke "To see what happens"
I have never tried it and only would consider it if I was in a medical type of setting in the way that mdma is being used to treat PTSD. I called a place in the Bay area a few weeks ago to find out if they were conducting any trials for the use of hallucinogens to treat depression, adhd, and ptsd. I have delt with all 3 since childhood and feel like I am at the mercy of the pharmaceutical companies and I am fuckin tired of taking pills! I am sick of the rude, smug faces when I pick up my meds from the med school flunky pharmacists! I am sick of having to convince a new Dr to continue my scripts everytime I move to a new state that I am not some degenerate trying to hustle them for drugs. I am only in this situation because or Dr's just like them to begin with.
N-E-Wayz.... I have heard of studies that hallucinogenic drugs have amazing results for my specific issues. So extraordinary that after treated using them, people no longer have to take pharmaceuticals ever again.
The way they use mdma is 8 weeks of cognitive therapy, with 3 sessions in between of guided deep therapy while being dosed with mdma. This treats PTSD. Johns Hopkins studies shrooms and mdma as well and a few places are researching DMT for medicinal uses.
If I was going to fuck with DMT, I would need guidance. A Dr or a experienced spiritual healer to take me thru it. I have heard that it is possible to open yourself up to allowing bad spirits or something have access to you. Like you leave your body and when you come back you are not alone... ya dig?
I am going to Costa Rica for the summer and was told that DMT is everywhere there...

Yep I totally agree, dmt should be understood for what it truly is and used by a ready mind, however you can never be ready for what it can show you. I think, in the right setting, you would benefit from it and it would solidify your amazing thoughts and concepts. That’s what it helped me with, to realise ultimate oneness with everything and that nothing in this universe is impossible. That was some years ago now... but I feel that psilocybin is very useful in terms of depression, overactive minds and stress. It can bring you into a deep low but also the most blissful high. Psychedelics can be fun to use with friends at smaller doses and good settling, but they are much more powerful than most might see, and very much to learn from them. Mushrooms are just incredible, and have helped with depression.

Exactly, fuck the pills and pharma shite that they give out, then you get another pill for the side affects and another etc until you are taking 5-10 pills a day! It’s not right or normal, it seems that most doctors just flick through a book and say ‘oh that will do’ and trial any shit on us. It’s not their fault as it’s how they’re taught by the system to be a good doctor, and follow the rules. Dont suggests anything alternative just go by the book! I guess that’s where we come in to seek what can truly benefit us in other ways.
Costa Rica will be ace! I would love to go there, I think I might soon :)
Have you read about ayahuasca ceremonies? This can be a more guided experience into dmt. Some people have have very profound and positive experiences from this. Lots have had addictions and depression almost cured, or have been able to look at their lives differently. Most psychedelics seen to have a vey positive effect, even if you ey dragged through hell and back. There is always a feeling of apprehension one consuming, but once you allow it to take over it can provide much needed answers (even if that answer is nothing).
I won’t get into what psychedelics managed to help me with, but it sure did have a positive effect :) I wouldn’t say it 100% cured anything but it can set you
On the right path again with a new outlook :)

Yes, your right about the Dr flipping thru a book thing... Except looking thru a book would require them to actually research. Really, all they do is get pitched by some pharmaceutical sales rep, and choose whatever snake oil that does not have a black label. lol
So I have shroomed when I was a kid but the last 4 or 5 times I did, I kept going on this death trip. I would imagine being in a coffin one day covered in dirt, in the dark all alone. It scared the shit out of me! I used to live in Vegas and practically lived in the clubs and have probably seen every Dj live including AM. Those were my Molly days... I never had issues with mdma. DMT is one I have not touched because number one...I have never seen it, two- I have a close friend who did it once and had a great experience only, about a month later he slipped completely out of reality. I am not going to get into details about it but I still wonder if he ever really came back even if he acts normal now.
I did see that ayahuasca stuff for sale here on steemit along with DMT and well...damm near everything else, and I googled it. That was how I heard about bringing bad entities back into this realm with you if not careful insight. I assumed that and DMT are the same thing. Am I wrong about that? The site I learned about that actually offers the ceremonies in Washington and Peru. They called it "Sitting with lady ayahuasca".
I have a friend who has been urging me to try microdosing mushrooms for a few months because she swears that they are the answer to everything.
I am extremely honest especially with myself about things and even with that said, I do not know if I am ready to be shown things I may not be ready for. It has been a lot of work to be able to come to terms with what I know now and I have had to exercise forgiveness towards myself in order to move forward. I could just be afraid and making excuses though. Do you live in the US? You are fun to talk to. I seriously only have a small handful of friends who I can get into conversations like this with. If I even tried to with 95 % of the rest of my friends... they look at me like I am crazy.

Yes very true... they get paid off by the big pharma companies and then that’s it... it’s basically criminal! So much strange things going on today isn’t there, once you begin to find out the truth it can be hard to come to terms with! But then after years, gaining a deeper understanding of everything helps, I think.
Woah that sounds like a bad trip for sure, I don’t blame you for not wanting to go back to shrooms for a while! I was just talking with my friend about his recent shroom trip and he had a good/bad one - it sounded nuts, unlike anything I have heard before!

I would like to think that with dmt you can’t brinf the entities back into this realm, unless it’s really just you addressing personal demons and having you shown them in full force, and making the bad things a bit more obvious. But I don’t know too much about that... I just know some trips can be bad due to an individuals life, maybe if they are holding something in that they have done wrong and then feel guilt. I (luckily) just used it for other help, in terms of anxiety and confusion about he world and life. I wouldn’t say any substance can cure anyone, they have to be ready in the mind and put in the work - like it sounds that you have :) I also have too after many years.
Molly is a great one, I’ve never had any negative effects, aside from being totally drained in the morning and some other typical issues 😜 but it’s fun. I haven’t done it in ages, but I would like to again:) I used to party hard haha!

Ayahuasca will basically be a less intense version of dmt but last longer, I haven’t done it... yet. I recently microdosed and I did enjoy it, however I didn’t really use it to my creative side I just kind of microdosed for a week... I should have tested it out more!
You are really fun to talk to, I love it! It’s very rare to have these types of flowing conversations about these topics, would be great in person! most people really don’t understand/want to chat like this! I’ve had that crazy look all too much haha! So I’m currently living in England... but I’m in the states once a year for a few months... any other way we can chat outside of steemit? Any suggestions I’m down:)

Sounds good to me. If you want to give me an email address I can email you my number. I don't think steemit has private messaging and if it does I have no idea where or how it works.