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Yoruba happens to be one of the prominent ethnic group in western Nigeria, in West's language called Yoruba language.historically Yorubas migrated from mecca.modern day Saudi Arabia. But did not stop till de got to ile-ife. Were they settle and called home of love.
The Yoruba culture has been classified as one of the most unique culture not only in Nigeria but in Africa at large.Due to how psychological and respectful they were. Yoruba elders are well respected and the noble too. In Yoruba land it's a must any elder u meet on your way you most prostrate to great. And in Yoruba land after a Yoruba man great a visitor the next next thing is to offer the visitor water to drink, because they believe that after the long journey the visitor might be tasty. After some hours then they set the table for food. Even the Britain colonialist envy Yoruba culture among others.
Among the cultures is the way they wear there native cap.,when design to the left side that means that person is single and when a Yoruba man wear his cap to the right side means he is married.


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