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Its here guys!!! Our very own steem exchange platform...steem fuse...steem fuse is a steem blockchain based exchange site that links buyers and sellers of steem and sbd together. A lot of things make the steemfuse platform quite compelling to use...from the smart and flush user interface to the fact that you get 50% of transaction fees of everyone you refer per transaction they(people you refer) do is just about giving to the community right….use this link below to register and trade sbd in any currency

Click me to registersteemfuse.png

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I've been on Steemit for quite some time now, but i still dont understand how this works. And i'm not the next guy. been in it for almost 20 yrs now.
Steem. Steem power. Steem dollars. Upvote. Flag. ok flag is probably the only thing i understand.
Although i think Steemit is good, its also too sensitive in the way that if some big fish doesnt like your comments it can downvote you or flag you. So you must kiss their asses to just be left alone

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