WEST AFRICA CURATION COMMUNITY - #wafrica TAG IS LIVE! @wafrica account live!

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Welcome to a new era, Welcome to @wafrica!

The aim of the @wafrica blog on steemit is to expose great content that comes out from the shores of Africa and thrust it to other users from around the world. Posts on arts, culture, relationships, fictional stories, meet-ups and charity will ALL be rewarded.


a) For you to be considered for an upvote, you must use the #wafrica tag and follow the wafrica community! ***

b) Your post must contain at least 300 chars and 1 link to an image or photo ***

A winner would be chosen everyday and will be rewarded 1 SBD. At the end of the week a weekly winner will be chosen.

Surfyogi, [Mar 22, 2018 at 11:10:56 AM]:

Today I introduce to you the West Africa Curation Community. It will allow the #wafrica tag to be used for support of new members of STEEM. In the future it is my sincere hope many things can be organized around the #wafrica tag.

We have a number of curators that want to participate, so this group will help us all contribute to support new gifted contributors without any 1 person having to do all the work ;-) To this end, I have delegated 20000 SP to this community to use as the curators deem most fitting for their causes.


chiama amara 2018-03-23 11.31.59.jpg
@chiama notes: ( Amara )
Amara is known as @chiama on the steemit platform. She is a fun loving and positive individual who finds joy in things concerning the arts and music.

lordjames 2018-03-23 11.22.31.jpg

Etiese James by name and Lordjames on Steemit.
Chemistry Graduate with a career path in Management Consulting.
He is a content Creator and offer advisory services (personal and business). Always strive for an excellent spirit.

gee1 2018-03-23 11.29.52.jpg
@gee1 is a lover of Love and Fun. She is passionate about Crypto currencies and blockchain. She is a Medical Student, an Investor, Trader, and Content creator. She is the host of three weekly shows in steemit namely #mancrushmonday, #womancrushwednesday and #throwbackthursday.

david 2018-03-23 11.30.05.jpg
The name is David also known as @kofpato on steemit. I am a footballer and I love art and music which I studied in school. I love to motivate and encourage the upcoming ones about life and solutions to them. I am very grateful to be here with such a lovely and beautiful family here! ❤😊

jeaniepearl 2018-03-23 11.30.49.jpg
I am @jeaniepearl the host of the weekly Friday show TGIF WITH @jeaniepearl. I am a creative writer, an Engineering student and a lover for cryptocurrency. People call me the idea witch, you can follow me and find out why.

prettyjules 2018-03-23 11.33.23.jpg
Am Jules with the user name: prettyjules158 on steemit.
I have been in the steemit game for two months.
Am a Nigerian.
Am a disciplinary and a straight forward person, but down to earth. I may be a lazy writer as well 🙈 but am 100% good in organising.
I look forward in working with you all.

nmalove 2018-03-23 11.37.56.jpg
I'm known as @nmalove on Steemit. I blog about movies and tourist places. I'm passionate about music, nature and art.

steem4dapoor 2018-03-23 11.59.50.jpg

@steem4depoor / now steemgh
This is Teddy Fosu formally known on steemit as @steem4depoor before account was hacked but now @steemgh repping live in the house. I am a graduate holding degree in economics and much interested in areas of development economics and very zealous toward changing lives around me. I am the founder of the shadow foundation called ghana Steem Foundation with vision to alliviate absolute poverty through empowerement of youths. I am passionate when it comes to helping the poor in the society. I am delighted to be included as a curator on this amazing group and platform founded by my only father @surfyogi I am optimistic with him around lives will be transformed. This is @steemgh over and out.


All curators are hand picked to watch over your daily investment, please delegate to this worthy cause!

UPDATE: Thanks go out to @misrori for masterful automation and @ackza for much of the original inspiration he shared with me to work with Africa in the first place. @ackza the master mind initiator!


Great! Great!! Great!!!
I love this
#wafrica is going to be great.
Kudos to you sirs!
Africans appreciate this!

I never told you yet, one of my fav people on here, no question ;-)

What a cool name, we will talk MzJoy.

630 VIEWS on this post so far, @wafrica is a new content KING!

Thanks to @ackza I found this community.

If you are interested in some good work, chat me up!?
Cheers mon, sy-

Wow! Wafrica tag is finally up thumbs up guys!

AFTER many promises to many people and SO MUCH HELP!

I am so emotional right now, This is a revolution. We have a voice. I thank @surfyogi and @ackza, their passion for Africa is what has made this a reality.

This is so nice for us!

God bless Africa and you all that initiated this family!!

This is very wonderful!! Congrats to us, so glad to be a part of the move. Good one. We will participate in this.

Im liked the wafrica thank you and for support surpassing

Thank you sir @surpassinggoogle too for your support! We are encouraged to do even more. 🙏

We should get @chaima a SUPREWOMN T-shirt!
10000 FOLLOWS for #wafrica in 60 days, or 90

It will not matter which

Together we shall make Africa proud. Thanks for giving us this great opportunity too work with you @surfyogi.

I hope to see many new videos from you! Your charitable acts deserve their own reality TV show! Imagine that! All you need is a documentary film crew!

This is boom, thanks alot to @wafrica trust me to promo wafrica in all my post now. One love together we will do it IJN. Amen. Up @wafrica

Jules gets a SUPRWOMN shirt too!
10000 FOLLOWERS in 90 days!

Thankyou Jules for all your HELP!

@ackza is that dude you will be with and your blank ideal will turn to reality. No dull moment with @ackza.
I could remember the first time I came in contact with him, after much conversation he said;

Jules am sending you 1 steel for joining our meeting, then I replied okay boss thanks a lot.
And he said since you call me boss I will make it 3 steem lol


  • superwoman JULES

Waoh! This is a good news for the Africa steemit community. Now is the time to curate good contents. I
Big congratulations to all the curators, begin to do us proud. @jeaniepearl and @gee1 I see you ladies o. There is always reward for hard work.

Thank you @surfyogi for this initiative. We will surely do you proud.

Now let the curation begin.........

WE will talk man, great comments, thankyou
we have a lot in common and there is a place for you here

God bless Africa!!

I agree, God Bless Africa
God Bless the New Blockchain World!

Awesome to see the mass adoption finally taking place. It will be a slow and steady process but the networking effect is real! I myself have gotten over a dozen people to sign up for Steemit, although only a very small amount of them have stuck around.

Eventually when people get fed up with Facebook's shenanigans they will migrate to platforms like Steemit!

Trying to get a JUMP on Communities, I have wracked my brain trying to understand how I can move forward; this is what I have come up with.
Bots, brains and brawn, in that order!

More importantly we need to streamline the user interface and simplify the whole process. One of the biggest hurdles is the losing of the password thing, I know a few people who got setback by losing their password here after signing up. The other big thing I noticed is that people really don't like having to wait a week to get approved :-D!

WE will talk, u understand this well, as do I
Good to get my peeps together, please pitch me?
rattle my cage..

Greetings friend you are still doing an extraordinary job congratulations that come more successful

There has always been lots of interesting stories from the West African region that needs to be out there for the world to read. From her culture to her people, history, art and the people's views about life. There is no better place to document these than on the immutable Steem blockchain.

The #wafrica tag offers all West Africans an opportunity for their voice to be heard with a heavy support from the @wafrica community account. We have been offered gold, let's make the best of it.

Thank you @surfyogi for this initiative and your heavy support. We are grateful. And to all the awesome curators, it's gonna be fun all the way.


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