Nigeria - Best Performing Stock Exchange Market in the World!!! Massive!!!

in nigeria •  2 years ago

With the closing statistics of the Stock Exchange Market yesterday, 8th of August, 2017 it is confirmed that Nigeria has the best performing Stock Exchange Market in the world.


Up by 41.4% topping Turkey which is also at 40% range. With a Market Cap of Over 13Trillion, the NSE Market had 31 gainers and 20 losers.

Guinness is the top gainer as this positive and upward movement occured.


So, when the Market opens this morning, Nigeria opens as the best still. We hope this is not short lived.

Other African countries have also attained similar breakthrough before now, even if it wasn't as high; one of which is the country's main rival. Ghana is currently up by 32.4%, South Africa not doing so well at the moment and the list goes on.


In all, this is good for Nigeria, let's hope its effect is seen in the daily dealings and standard of living of the people.

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Good news. I hope the banking sector is improving too.

I didn't know that Nigerian stock exchange is that good, why is it then not listed on the world stock market?

Good news for the country...

Stock market try this yr oh