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A great nation carefully carved
And positioned in a continent
With the shape of a gun
A nation position at at the trigger position

Filled with amazing people
Filled with different cultural heritage
Filled with hard working people
Filled with vibrant youths

The giant of Africa
The home of great icons
The birth place of beautiful damsel's
The birth place of intellectual icon's

A land flowing with milk and honey
A land filled with the amazing wonders of nature
A land that makes you marvel at the wonders of God
A land with amazing climate

Nigeria, a home away from home
A place with amazing delicacy's
A place to relax and watch the sun set
Nigeria my home, Long live Nigeria


Beautiful poem, it's good to be proud of your country.

Dear friend! Next time also use #wafrica and follow @wafrica to get an upvote on your quality posts!

Ok sir ... Thank you

@princeene001 this is great 🖒

I love my country Naija 😍

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