Thank You @samminator And The Entire @Stemng Crew!

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Hey happy Sunday all.

If there is anyone community that anyone out there would wish to belong and feel at home, make no is @Stemng, a sub community of @
STEEMSTEM project. Why? 'cause the experience and love shown by the crew, there, is simply indescribable. Got into there, not knowing my way. But hey, whatever God has proposed, no man will dispose. That's the fact of life. Things with divine touch always occur at the right time, in the right Place and with the right people!

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Getting into there, I saw an unpalatable joke left on the server against Nigeria by a fellow Nigerian. It was meant to be a joke but heck! I wouldn't take that. Why would someone say something bad against my country in the name of joking?! I wouldn't take any of that. Despite the fact that I just joined the server, I had to speak up and cautioned the person. It is uncalled for to portray your own in a bad light amidst an assemblage of global citizens? What are you trying to pass to outsiders about your country? I voiced against that and left.

Returning later, I found out that one @gentleshaid, whom I later learnt is one of the community curators, had spoken against the same joke. I was taken aback by his use of language, so polite, so diplomatic, yet he was able to pass the point. Pleased by this, I thanked him for speaking against such. And just at that point, we got into protracted conversation.

At the end, he asked if I write STEM. I replied that in as much as I would wanna give it a try but I haven't written before, but sure, I have a flare for writing on any topic. Without asking, he took it up from there and explained to me how the entire community is being run, and later asked me to get a mentor for myself. I agreed. However, what marveled me was that while I was still figuring out how to go about getting the said mentor, @samminator replied that I should contact him for guidance! What a fellow!

Later, I was invited to their every Friday program tagged — Friday Night Hangout by @gentleshaid. On that Friday, I had to make sure I was there. One awesome lad @abigai-dantes was a guest. She was beaming with laughter and liveliness, engaging everyone maximally to their chagrin. The night was garnished with myriads of multi cultural live streaming cool music. It was heavenly to say the least! This was followed by a quiz session which was won by @samminator and @emperorhassy!

The next day, I had a long tutoring session with @samminator. He is a great teacher; very patient and good at what he does. Awesome guy! I really learnt a lot from him and can't wait to try it out, God helping me.

same pixabay

It is like the whole members of the sub-community have been immersed in goodness and willingness to help as much as they can. I read an article by one @greenrun, also a community curator; I commented on the article but left a question as well in my comment. Before I could go and come back, he had answered it in the way that's very comprehensible for me. Awesome people!

I wish every community on Steemit is managed in this manner. Steem would have skyrocketed by now. I give it to the entire management. They are awesome because without them putting all these mechanisms in place, it will be difficult for new entrants to find footing.

I will do my best to uphold the ideals of the community at all times, doing what's right at all times to ensure not only the growth of the community but the entire steemit also.

My gratitude to @samminator, @gentleshaid and @greenrun for being awesome and down to earth!


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Welcome to the community. It's the least we can do for one another


Thanks sir. You're one gentle soul. Happy Sunday!

We're family in stemng..
What we do for one another.
Baba notin do u jare


Thanks sir. Appreciate a lot

You are welcome to steemstem and steemit :)

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Thanks you sir. My pleasure.