PURPOSE: WHY ARE WE HERE #2 (The African Nigerian Perspective)

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As a tree forms, stretches, grows in magnificence and beauty to establishes its presence so a society can be a beautiful expression of one's shaping, pattern, mindset, and sets of norms, belief, values as well as comfort, security and purpose.

A man sets of values or beliefs is that he is a soul provider and law of the family. He is trained by his society to believe that the family survives by his ability to provide for them.


A woman set of values or believe is solely to serve her husband and should be under the law of her husband. She is trained by society or culture to believe that she should take care of the household and train their children.

The question one fails to ask frequently is "Is that a real purpose to life looking at both parts of the man and the woman in such a society?" On the other hand, another question is "Does that really bring happiness?"

The man breathes, thinks, acts, on a purpose "How can I provide for my family?" If he is not yet married "How can I make a living for myself?"

The woman breathes thinks, acts, on a purpose "How can I take care of my husband and children?" If she is single "How can I be a suitable wife?" "When will I get married?"


What truly brings happiness? If a woman can't seem to find a husband does that mean she will be unfulfilled. If she can't find a husband to fulfill her needs does that mean she is a failure and she will remain joyless or regretful unmarried.

If a man can't provide the comfort for his family does it mean he has not achieve success in society. Does the best of what society wants mean true happiness?


These questions only touch the foundations of such a society not to be critical or under value it's ways but to reason beyond the obvious, to look at the eventual outcomes of these mindset, beliefs and values.

What then is a real purpose to live by?

To be continued.....

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  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Beautiful piece! I will follow up till the end to read about your take on what purpose do you think peole should live by. I think you should reference your source of pictures. It’s very important. Thank you for sharing.

Thanks i appreciate. I will keep u updated (are u on discord? I can beep u wen i post abt it again) the picz are free pictures

Ok. Let’s do telegram https://t.me/aliyu_s

The average African takes into cognisance very irrelevant things