New Nigeria Shirt World Cup

in nigeria •  8 months ago

What Does People Think ? The New Nigeria Kit

3 Million Pre sales of it its old style shirt looks not too bad I think. I think the training gear looks nice as well looks different and colourful.

USA or India or China not in the world Cup so I cant show there shirts. Nike always does similar style shirts with all colours so this is different.

Here is the BBC story about people in London lining for hours in the street to buy it I think a bit too much to be honest .

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Looks cool but that would be distracting to play against.

This I like the truth that yes, this goes with eos and it looks great if maybe something old but nothing bad

Nice shirts..
All guys looking soo pretty..specially uper Byke girl are looking very cuty..

The truth is that it does not look bad, it does not look bad at all, it also has a good green shirt color and it combines very well.

Success in this world we are all attentive

Beautiful shirt....the guys and the girls look so handsome. Eagerly waiting for the world cup.

I like it, it's pretty funky.

Hey btw congrats on level 60! Been following you for a while and great to see you hit this milestone, seems to me people here only really start noticing people when they hit 58-60 rep.

this goes with eos and it looks great if maybe something old but nothing bad my dear

Nice and colorful shirts, nike products have proven to be one of the most popular brands in the world.
Thanks @newmarket65

Football World Cup always is an craze for many and anything associated with Football will increase that craziness and now this T-shirt is one of the aspect of craziness. Thanks for sharing this post with us and wishing you an great day. Stay blessed 🙂