Unmarried; Effect of Societal Prejudice.

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Dear friends,

My Idea about Marriage

Today I want to talk about being married.


In our society today, there is a lot of pressure on most spinsters and bachelors. No gender is excluded. This is because this group of people sometimes suffer from ill treatment as compared to the married ones. They are sometimes treated as inferior.
I realized there are so many things about marriage. There is more to being married than just walking about with the status of being married.
The pressure the society puts on people makes them take decisions and do things they will forever regret.

Some of the effects of succumbing to society pressure are failed marriages, divorce, cheating, unhappy homes, unfulfilled career, depression, pains and so on.

There is absolutely nothing worse than doing something and living in regret.
I will plea to the human society, to please allow people to take decisions without the societal prejudice.

I have come to terms that It is not everybody that wants to be married. As well as not everyone can cope having a partner or having a family? Some for the fear of failed relationships/marriage, prefer to be alone.

This is some truth that we have to accept as a growing society. I believe that from the summary of different opinion not everyone sees married life as a fulfilled life. As it is obvious not everyone feels the need to be married.
I have come across people, adults, who never wanted to be married. They frown to the mention of marriage. I respect them for who they are and whatever decisions they make.

Why I wrote this

Something inspired me to write this; There is a friend/colleague of my mum. Nice pretty lady. I could remember times she would come crying and feeling sad about how she has been disrespected and treated with disdain by younger colleague as well as neighbors because she was single. Several years later, she met a man, and in a bid of succumbing to society pressure she accepted his proposal and was married.

I went visiting my mum and saw her few days ago. I wouldn't believe what I saw, if I were told the story. She was in a sorry state. She was looking worned out, older (like 10yrs older), depressed and unhappy. All her glowing skin, beautiful shape (yes she got the African figure 8) was gone. I couldnt resist asking if she had some terminal illness. My mum said no, that marriage made her what she is now.

My point is, if only she did not succumb to the societal pressure. If only she waited to find the one meant for her. If only........yes, I can imagine the if only will never stop.

Let us learn to accept people for who and what they are: everyone must not be/behave like we want them to do. Everyone must not like what we like. Everyone must not fulfill all of society requirements.
Let us love and respect people for decisions they make: You may not really understand why people do or take certain stands until you wear the shoes they are wearing.

I hope we will see life differently and make it easy for us and others.

Thank you for reading.

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Love your post , thanks for sharing @neebootoo Respect for you <3

This is a great piece @neebootoo. I have had so many people complain to me about getting into marriage because of societal pressure. Presently, I know a lady that borrowed money from my mum to support the man that wanted to marry her because she didn't want to wait for this guy to make some money and handle the cost of the wedding alone. She kept complaining about her age but now she is regretting the pressure she allowed her age put her through. Let me stop here.

I am @geekis, I blog about marriage and relationship

a go compilation of societal prejudice against the unmarried folks

Truthfully, the women folk suffer the most when it comes to prejudice in our society due to our deep cultural roots. However, many are now clear with their opinions on marriage and relationships and certainly, one of the very popular one now is that marriage is not for anyone but that is not to say you shouldn't find companionship if it is your thing so, it is just important that you don't lose your self-respect and also be happy in the relationship you are in.

@neebootoo are you on steemit chat or Discord??

I hope we could talk

I married 1 year, and now Im happy. What will be happening, I don't know, i live now,in this moment 😊