What happened to our #100 naira notes?

in #nigeria2 years ago

Good evening steemians. I cannot hold my peace anymore. What happened to our #100 note? The rate at which it is fast disappearing from circulation is alarming! It has been confirmed that lower naira denominations are more circulated than higher denominations. We all know that because of the fact that they are more in circulation, a lot of them get dirty, rumpled and even torn more easily than the higher denominations. As though that wasn't enough, it is now observed that one of the lower denominations (#100) is now fast disappearing and almost not existent. Anyone you manage to see is either patched with cello tape or very very dirty and old. Traders are complaining, commercial transporters are complaining, business owners are complaining and even churches are complaining as well because the offerings have drastically reduced seeing that majority of people are most comfortable to drop a #100 note in an offering basket. The reason for this trend is what I am yet to understand.... Please help explain to me. Who is to blame? The government, the people or even CBN? I am making this post short and brief so I can hear from you. What's your take on this? Don't forget to use the upvote button in case you enjoyed what you just read. Cheers!



President Buhari refused to print new notes because former president Goodluck Jonathan removed the Arabic inscriptions from the previous notes.

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