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I've moved before, but not in the way I did a few days ago. It felt like I was betraying the trust of my neighbors and friends within the same building, especially when you come to think of the fact that I've lived there for some years.

So here I was sneaking off very early in the morning after having practically packed my entire life the previous night before bedtime. I already made plans with the driver that was to come and pick me and my boxes up the previous day and I was ready to disappear without a trace.

So eventually I was caught

A young man that lives a floor above my room decided to take some fresh air and in that instant saw me trying to be smart. Then he said, "Mr Klyn, is that how you want to leave us?"

my heart broke but I had to ignore it since it was better to consciously break one heart than break thousands right?


Of course, I love my new place and it has so many advantages I wouldn't begin to look into today. You might just have to see for yourself.

DO have a lovely night.

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