Nigerians Joining Steemit At Amazing Rate

in nigeria •  2 years ago  (edited)

Have you Steemians noticed all of our new Steemit users joining from Nigeria? I want to say Welcome it is a pleasure to have all of you joining.


What is even more amazing is that after reading many post trying to figure out how in the world so many people from one area are seeming to join so fast I discovered... Most have been joining via Word of Mouth. That's right good old fashion he said she said, word on the street. It may also be due to the S.I.N. conference or Steemit In Nigeria conference.


So if you are Nigerian reading this post please Comment with how you heard about Steemit or tag the person who told you and Please Upvote and Resteem this post by me @isteemithard

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wow, thanks mr iseemithard, nice to know support from the outside is coming.

I heard about it from Jerry Banfield's youtube campaign. It's amazing to see many of my country men already here :)

Nice seeing you here, hope you will enjoy Steemit! Follow me and I will follow back :)

Interesting Post

good for them!

1 steem is worth a lot in their currency

Amazing how quickly Steemit grows!

That is wonderful. We need people from all over the world to get involved.

Steemit is meant to truly reflect the global community.

You are such a darling! I'll follow you, make sure you do so as well so we can support each other. See you around!

follow me @paulgodwin i will do disame

The pleasure is ours! Aww! We need more people like you in the world right now and i truly appreciate this post. I heard about Steemit from two of my elder brothers and so far it has been great!

a friend told me n now i have invite 9 registered and active steemians lol

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

I heard about steemit from my friends whose username I do not have. But I made up my mind when I saw a screenshot of a tweet by @stellabelle. Of course everyone is talking about steemit in Nigeria. Most of us are not happy with the structure of leadership in Nigeria and the world. We can do with a little bit of real democracy.

I was introduced into steemit by @cryptostash

I was introduced by a friend @tolarnee who walked me through the process of registering. For the past few hours I've been on here I've only noticed a huge aura of positivity... And I'm very encouraged. Thank you for the post.

awesome, enjoy I often enter steemit contest and challenges to win free SBD check my posts for ideas

I got to know about it through @bhoa and @meemee helped me out in my first post..
It's been great ever since

I got to know about steemit through @driuds who explained it to me and helped with my introduction post

Great to see Nigerians on this platform surely we are here to make this community better.