Motivational talk (reading)

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Learning to read doesn't just teach you to read but also improve your vocabulary and how you use words. **living without reading, is dying without knowing **.
I define reading to me as an act of knowledge accumulation, using the mind we interact with books using our mind .
Reading makes one full, but abscent of it makes a fool out of someone.Those that read are the current people and they are the people that accumulate the currency of life.
We are made fit for war through weapon but knowledge makes us ready for triumph.
Exercise keeps our body fit but learning and reading will keep our life fit also.
Mirror present to us how we look but book present to us how the world looks.
If you read so hard, you enrich your future. If you invest in company's business all you enjoy is the company's gain but if you invest in your self(mind)you become the company the world wishes.
Money helps us to purchase but knowledge helps us to produce.
What you know is better than who you know, because who you know may disappoint at any time but what you know cannot disappoint you. Thanks and I remain your humble friend @goodybliss .Screenshot_20180409-123547.png


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