Magnificent Uses Of Shea Butter

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The usage Shea butter is on the rise and becoming popular even among educated folk who previously frown on it usage and low regard for it users, but with it many benefits being made known to people, the usage of Shea butter has seen a steady rise in recent years.

Shea butter is use in the treatment of hair solution. It usage in hair treatment solution leaves one's hair hydrated it and reduces frizz, giving one's hair more volume and life. But it does so much more than that to one's hair.

What is Shea butter?

It is a butter-like substance that is obtained from the shea tree nuts from Western Africa (can also be found in tropical parts of Nigeria) of the continent of Africa.

The benefit of its usage in skin care include keeping your skin (face and body) moisturized and healthy and it very effective for dry skin as the butter has the ability to penetrate the skin easily. Shae butter a very helpful tool to help clear acne and other skin blemishes. Shea butter is high in vitamins A and E which makes it one of the best skin anti-aging agents, helping in no small way to reduce wrinkles and unwanted facial lines.

Shea butter can be used as a lip balm to prevent chapped lips and nourish them during both dry and cold weather. It can also be use for cold and as ointment for the treatment of dislocation and bone setting. Shea butter can also be used in the treatment of stretch marks (which are more prominent during pregnancy) as a result of its abundance of vitamins.

Shea butter apart from being use in the treatment of skin and hair, it also edible, it can be use as replacement for vegetable oil and it very medicinal.


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