We Have not Chosen Our Napo

in nigeria •  6 months ago

Please , I heard we have over 50 political parties in this farm....I am expecting at least 30 presidential candidates going to the polls come 2019. Meanwhile we the concerned animals of Naija farms have not endorsed any candidate yet as our Napo why?

Because we are aware that Tyrant man will always come up with manipulative moves to entice and enslave beasts of 9land and Blindland. So we shall be more vigilant this time around as we must chew each water served before we swallow.

Can those , whose leadership destroyed our barns past in any form, ever have what it takes to build our future in this farm?

Does serving a soured soup in a brand new plate improve its taste to the tongue over a fresh soup?


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What is the daily vote for Steem on Netcoins all about?