in nigeria •  6 months ago

Do we really have the nomenclature "A southern man" in Nigeria?

Who is a Southern man please?
Because what I hear mostly here when matters like this arises is "We be South South, we no be Igbo"...

I took my compass, to find the Location South South, Searched in available geography books, Google map etc... They all returned Not found. I checked it as a tribe in Nigeria still not found.

South South , North North, West West, East East, North Central could be found in Pluto I guess.

Pseudo Amalgamation brought us together... Greed and unity of purpose kept power to a particular region, then disunity and timidity made the other half a perpetual subject to those born to rule.

The dichotomy will always exist between the Northerner and Southerner in this country where "a Southerner" must have higher minimum qualification than a Northerner for the same job, school, etc. Yet the Northerner with the lower qualifications shall attain a career peak before the helpless southern stooge.

We need affirmative actions in place to start checkmating these ugly trend that has raped our dignities for several decades at Naijafarms by annulling this false amalgamation of the Northern and Southern protectorates , expunging all obnoxious Laws of injustice and inequalities , then instituting enabling laws of justice and equity.

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