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Written on 20/1/19

..Election story nko?...
Obasanjo plan am very well..
The same old politicians, wey spoil Nigeria before..

The same old politicians, wey dabaru everything...
Na all of them still dey there now ooo..
E no finish... e no finish ...e no finish ooo''--

Continue to Rest in Peace Man of God! Prophet Fela . A. Kuti!

The worst thing that will happen to this country is bringing back those who took us this back to power, whereas we have such great minds as we witnessed at the January 19th, 2019 Presidential Dabate begging for an opportunity to liberate Naija!

I am an advocate of a two party system, why ? Because it gives room for a strong opposition party to check mate the excesses of the ruling party , meaning it's either Party A or Party B at any point in time. But just like Prophet Fela sang, Obasanjo plan am very well, by creating distractions amongst the oppositions through multiple party system.(more than 2 parties).

APC broke the PDP jinx in 2015 because of coalition and infiltration of the PDP camp. Right now they are so mixed up that you can't separate one evil from the other given their precedents. This is exactly why we are where we are today, 20 years of attempting democracy yet our subconscious still craves for a ''refined military regime'' to come back , where ruthless corrective measures shall be dished out to erring politicians and other public office holders without fears or favours. Where the law is the law no matter whose ass is gored, where the ruled of law is obeyed and enforced by the citizenry. Where due processes are enshrined on the electorate palms that no one needs a mirror to look and confirm.

Having known the paths that brought us thus far behind (PDP + APC ideologies & principles), is it not high time we jettisoned these two parties from Aso Rock by giving the untried new breeds , with fresh ideas and innovations a chance at the top, while the old guns watch from the rear?

A coalition having either of Kingsley Muoghalu, Fela Durotoye or Omoyele Sowore as The President , Vice President and Minister of Power/Labour shall represent the reborn of Nigeria into the right path to glory. Oby Ezekwesili has shown remorse and her readiness to be part of this train even though we still smell the PDP stench around her, thus her throwing in the towel to free up some votes. Therefore I recommend a quarantine measure on her, when all set and done, she could be consulted on advisory bases only. Please no official portfolio should be given to her ooo!

Let me still refresh our memories on the multiple distractions created by multi party system, many of them never ever did any campaign, many you will concur and confess that you are seeing their names for the first time through this my post today:

Below is a list of candidates that will purportedly run for the office of the president.

  1. President Muhammadu Buhari – All Progressives Congress, APC

  2. Atiku Abubakar – Peoples Democratic Party, PDP

  3. Donald Duke – Social Democratic Party, SDP

  4. Gbenga Olawepo-Hashim – Alliance for New Nigeria, ANN

  5. Omoyele Sowore – African Action Congress, AAC

  6. Oby Ezekwesili – Allied Congress Party of Nigeria, ACPN

  7. Obadiah Mailafia – African Democratic Congress, ADC

  8. Kingsley Moghalu – Young Progressive Party, YPP

  9. Chris Okotie – Fresh Democratic Party, FDP

  10. Hamza Al-Mustapha – Peoples Party of Nigeria, PPN

  11. Habib Mohammed Gajo – Young Democratic Party, YDP

  12. Olusegun Mimiko – Zenith Labour Party, ZLP

  13. John Gbor – All Progressives Grand Alliance, APGA

  14. Davidson Isibor Akhimien – Grassroots Development Party of Nigeria, GDPN

  15. Ali Soyode – Yes Electorate Solidarity, YES Party

  16. Ike Keke – New Nigerian Peoples Party, NNPP

  17. Sunday Chukwu-Eguzolugo – Justice Must Prevail Party, JMPP

  18. Eunice Atuejide – National Interest Party, NIP

  19. Hamisu Santuraki – Mega Party of Nigeria, MPN

  20. Edozie Madu – Independent Democrat Party, IDP

  21. Peter Nwangwu – We the People of Nigeria Party, WPNP

  22. Ahmed Bee Buhari – Sustainable National Party, SNP

  23. Tope Fasua – Abundant Nigeria Renewal Party, ANRP

  24. Ade Fagbenro Bryon – Kowa Party

  1. Moses Shipi – All Blending Party, ABP

  2. Yahaya Ndu – African Renaissance Party, ARP

  3. Chuks Nwachukwu – All Grassroots Alliance. AGA

  4. Habu Aminchi – Peoples Democratic Movement, PDM

  5. Yabagi Yusuf Sani – Action Democratic Party, ADP

  6. Babatunde Ademola – Nigeria Community Movement Party, NCMP

  7. Fela Durotoye -- Alliance for New Nigeria ANN


We are currently left with just 5 serious candidates, which pitched us against the ''two ruling parties''. So its either Kingsley Muoghalu, Fela Durotoye and Omoyele Sowore joined their little forces together as one coalition by presenting a sole candidate , revamp their campaign strategies which have been awful hitherto... Or forget about winning as the gullible masses are already voting for the same old politicians, 'wey spoil Nigeria before'...this time it wasn't Obasanjo that planned it ooo ; But WE THE ELECTORATES!!!

Finally if you read this post , have your PVC, ready to vote ... Kindly make your input on how to stop the cancers we all know! You can share this post if u care..


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