Geopoorlitical Zones of Naija Farms

in nigeria •  6 months ago

Just as we are bracing up to Return the @#NaijaFarms Classic Chronicles to public glare for deep thinkers and erudite Animals in the farm and diaspora alike.

For those still trying to figure out their geographic location as a Beast of 9lands as we all know that the fate of Beasts of Blindland is 100% in the actions or inactions of the Beasts of 9lands.

The coining of a fallacious 'geopoorlitical' zones by Tyrant man in his divide and rule tactics over the Animals in the farm has given us loss of comradeship, betrayals and several false identities thus below as Beast of 9Lands:

  1. North North
  2. North East
  3. North West
  4. North Central
    5.South South
  5. South East
    7.South West
  6. West West
  7. East East

However after we overthrow Tyrant man all Animals in this farm shall be equal again in love as we shall restructure and rediscover our true identities expunging every fallacious 'geopoorlitical' zoning as we shall subconsciously return to just two protectorates as it was when home is Shangri-la.

All Animals in this farm must learn to build, stay and work together for Harmattan is Coming!!!

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