Steemit is changing the Nigerian state of mind... and this is why.

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Steemit is no doubt the social network built on the blockchain for libertarians and rightly so it has become the home for them. Libertarians are free will and freedom of choice advocates and believers. Nigerians are libertarians and need to be in a community where they can exercise their free will and freedom of choice.
Nigeria is a big strong nation with wonderful human and natural resources but with little or no chance at the good life. But despite the unfavorable condition of living, the people have continually defiled odds and lived life like kings and queens and some have gone on to create lasting legacy in various sectors of the economy.

No doubt we have the uglies and the meanies, but we also have the bold and the beautiful. We have the corrupt leaders and scammers, the princes and the yahoo boys, but we also have the decent leaders and real traditional princes who do not need some contributions from you to partake in the oyel of the nation. WE are a people of great character and resolve and we are gradually taking over steemit, for good.

For many Nigerians, Steemit is the new Facebook. Steemit is the new NNPC(I know it has appeared so for me) and looking like someone without work is no longer the case for many that have tasted the Steem!

Looking at the statistics of Nigerian users on steemit, shows that there are at least 5 new users registered daily. I have over 80 users I am following up on at the moment most of whom have registered and are awaiting final verification while some are just still hoping to get schooled in the process.

I am aware of the state of mind this whole blogging and getting paid in STEEM and Bitcoin has created in us as a people and I am also aware at the huge potential the Nigerian market holds compared to other nations in the world including the ones called developed.

Bold authors are on this platform and I am proud to say, Nigerians are part of this group. The pages will not permit me to mention names because that will have to be another article.

Nigeria is home to the biggest telecoms and Social network companies in the world and when I say home, I mean we have brought it home to be with us.

In the coming weeks Steemit will be seeing so many Nigerians with outstanding abilities and skills boarding this Blockchain train heading places, great places in fact.

Now my question is, are you ready?

Make the world a better place for someone today!

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Steemit is changing the paradigm all over the world, It is fast making Facebook and youTube obsolete. I think that steem dollars, bitcoin and other contemporaries are being beta tested to see which one will replace all currencies as the new digital world currency. Steemit is an intriguing platform as you can be paid to post comment create and it is a community global venture. I am glad you enjoy it and promote in in Nigeria. Thanks for sharing. - Troy from Iowa USA

thanks @enjoywithtroy and like your name we hope to keep enjoying Steemit with you. How is Iowa, and hope you got your steem on?

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

@enjoywithtroy - my thoughts exactly.. although I would have say that there won't be just "one" to replace them, but probably a handful of different cryptos with slightly different purposes (Ie, Ethereum isn't a Bitcoin competitor because they are intended for two completely different purposes). I definitely believe that many will fade away though since we are in a crypto bubble like the bubble of the late 90's.

Also, "is fast making Facebook and youTube obsolete" is a bit extreme...I'd say that hopefully they will grow obsolete some day, but the staggering amount of FB users and YT daily views proves their undisputed dominance, at least for now. I agree that things will change though - for instance @surfermarly just posted about a decentralized video platform...would love to see that knock out Youtube! (in

Anyway @ejemai - I'm really glad you posted this, because I had been noticing a great deal of Nigerian users here and was curious to learn more about that. Upvoted, resteemed and followed!

thank you @jobsande, the steemit wave is just now taking a swipe around the Nigerian nation and we are hoping to be part of the game changing blockchain website that encourages productivity

Best of luck to you! :)

I still need someone to enlighten me more on how to make the most out of Steemit

What do you need to know my friend? I think a better place to start is the FAQs, it mostly looks uninteresting given that it is the FAQs, but when you gently read through you will find more answers than you ever imagined.

You got my vote and a resteem :]

thanks for the support.

I am impressed with you .. thanks information. Hopefully we can make good friends .. follow me @riansteem

thank you for reading

There is a lot of great potential for Nigerians on steemit. I am happy we are not lagging behind.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

there is and it is my prayer that we are truly able to use our time here wisely and create a lasting legacy for young Nigerians coming after us.

steemit nhiên steemit tiên tiến hơn và oke.semoga hơn chúng ta có thể chia sẻ bạn bè của mình kapada bỏ phiếu all.But quan trọng nhất là làm là lấy bài của người khác để đăng cá nhân hài lòng với steemit kita.sangat hiện có của mình, chúng tôi có thể chia sẻ USD steem cho bạn bè của chúng tôi và cho tất cả những người đang trong tình bạn steemit.salam đừng quên theo tôi và chia sẻ số phiếu trên bài viết mà bạn thấy một kayak để trưng bày trong steemit.terima yêu trung thành người bạn steemit

Nice article @ejemai Nigeria to the world!!!

thanks. The world needs us to do her more good, and what better way to do this from our hearts.

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Good one guy.
Its quite a relieve to know we have prolific writers like you in Nigeria.
Lead the way.

thanks my brother and I hope you let go and take a hold of your steem life and let the world see what you have got to offer