To my country men

in nigeria •  9 months ago

Sometimes, I lay in my bed wondering how someone will wake up and decide to ruin the reputation of his fellow man. What is there to gain? The sky is big enough, why must you fly along the same path as everyone else.

The thing we do not understand is that there is an expected way of handling things and there is a civilized way of handling things. The difference between those two is the ability to apply wisdom and maturity.

While we are desperate to rise, we should not feel the need to make another person fall in other to achieve our aim.
When we cause another to fall, we ultimately fall without knowing.

If you understand the ripple effect in this case, smaller happenings will combine to form a chain of catastrophic events which will forever be a stigma or determinant in terms of how people relate with us.

Imagine if we create a mindset that we are saboteurs, backstabbers and jealous minded individuals, no matter how right our intentions might seem, we'll forever be seen in such light.
The reason is because we have created a chain of events which might never stop unfolding.

If you feel any grievance towards a person or thing, speak up immediately or don't talk at all. Don't wait until the person is successful before you speak, don't wait until you feel you can get some benefits before you act. Be noble or be silent, don't be mischievous!

Those familiar with the green lantern creed will understand what I am saying. The Nigerian community was built on the sweat of different generations, people like myself who laid the ground work among others will not sit idly by and watch some nefarious elements with a sense of undue entitlement flush our efforts down the drain.

If no one will stand up for the truth, well, I will. But there is a difference between jungle justice and understanding due protocols. Understand the four points of the rotary club and you would be surprised how many times we have wronged people while claiming to do the right thing.

There is a system of law on steemit and that is: gather your proof and speak or forever hold your peace. You didn't build someone's reputation for them, you didn't help them build their sp, you didn't help them post and you feel sad that they are succeeding and as such you must bring them down for going the distance?

Nigeria is filled with amazing people and I don't mind wasting the last voting power flagging to thy kingdome come, anyone who threatens the peace of this community which some people have given their hearts and soul to build.

Beware, enough is enough! Don't come with the mindset to scatter and gather for yourself...steemit is big enough, use your head!

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They should hear world, different people with different things.

Its in this country that i see people not wanting others to succeed why must you do that? Does it removes anything from you seeing others to be happy too?

Now reputation is also there, you don't know the rites and how its been done ' you just banged in and spoil others career that has been helping lots.

Well, its easier said than done. My utmost concern is about people leaving in this country. Spoiling her rep for people who want to grow.


Hmmmmm.. Nice one boss. This made me remember someone in the same community I am in, asking me why they upvote me more than him. Imagine that. I was wondering if he's seeing my ginabot notification to see how many % I was given. Forgetting that other pple's upvote adds up. Pple just like to beef pple's success instead of asking how to do things right. Thanks for this Sir. I hope lots of pple gets to read this

Im even a bit surprise this is coming a bit late and also happy someone is standing up for this at all cos the same trend and chain had had happened, have happen and is still happneing. Many have used their own fellow nigerian steemian as a ladder negatively by pulling him down, many placed ropes on many and hand over to batman while takes home token of achievement. Taking our jungle mentality in steemit field is too bad. Sometimes i truly wonder if nigerian community is functional at all. Atleast someone is saying something. There shall always be order of doing things, we are not the best and never close to that path of worst.
If we cant organise ourselves non will do that for us. Even if someone, an outsider helped us in achieveing orderliness then its a shameful thing to all of us. Thanks

It is really appalling
I stand with you on this, Boss
Unfortunately some folks wants to abuse the system using greed and jealousy as tools.
Ingrate is a perfect title for such fellows

Well said!!!

Only a fool delights in bringing another down. The sky is big enough for everyone so is steemit. Thanks for your noble stand on this. Together let us make the Nigerian community better.

The boss feels so bittered....

Thats something to ponder on. I am of the opinion that " united we stand and divided we fall"

Am Highly touched with this! Boss! This problem is common to Africans, cant just belief they could bring that mindset to Steemit. This is a big platform that anyone can make it once you know what you are doing. They belief in making it at the detriment of others. This is a great write up Sir. Continue to inspire us. More wisdom!

Its sad that people act in such a manner sometimes. But one thing is for sure, bringing someone down wouldn't make one go up. If we could only learn to celebrate other people's success and try learning from them, then it really will be great, not only for the person we are celebrating, but for ourselves as well. And as you said, the sky is big enough to occupy everyone, one just needs to be on their lane and work towards it.

Situations like this ehh... There is no how karma will not hunt people like this, I really believe in thunder that will fire idiots that is trying to damage reputation there people have created over months

But what the hell na....... We need unity not conflict..... Lemme catch one idiot during any meet up we will settle it with fist just kiddingbut it's not cool na... Make we borrow brain

Hopefully they all come to the realization that one's light doesn't shine brighter, by putting out that of others.

The Nigerian community was built with so much perseverance and hardwork, put in your bit and you can be sure of success.

Good post and photos, how are you anyway

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use your head!

I hope they will. The labour of our heroes past...

I think this my first time of commenting o your post, I was trying to track down what the controversy is all about reading all related post then I come across this and decided to comment.

While we are desperate to rise, we should not feel the need to make another person fall in other to achieve our aim.

Like you said I have seen many people saying that they are sorry and I traced the post to one girl who's reputation was flagged to 6 and according to her she complained bitterly how @Michaelcj duped people and calling him a scammer, (very bad if her) because I know @michaelcj for long and he av other people's (minnows) interest at heart. Uptil now I'm still wondering what the girl is talking about.

Your said again

If you understand the ripple effect in this case, smaller happenings will combine to form a chain of catastrophic events which will forever be a stigma or determinant in terms of how people relate with us.


Good a thing, she didn't make a post with that Trash, but I'm still pleading on her behalf @ehibos it's true I don't know her and I'm not with them during the camping contests but please if it's in your hands to do temper justice with mercy. Thanks, I am just a relationship adviser

We africans are wont to believe that success requires taking down the other. Unfortunate but true phenomenon. Here You find a mate who has the past questions or materials for a course but will choose to keep it away from the others. Posts like this will help improve that view point .

Karma is a bitch, they will meet their karma in d future. Even the bible says it is when someone stops doing bad to his/her neighbor that bad things will start happening to him/her.. Leave everything to God and free your heart.