Inequality in Nigeria

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Nigeria is a multi-ethnic state established on the principles of democracy and rule of law. Being a republic and a democratic state, power to rule is vested in the people. Thus, those in authority are the representatives of the masses who are the owners of the power.

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Fulani Herdsmen

In democracy where rule of law is operating, there is Supremacy of the law which means law is over and above all. In other words, no one is above the law.

In such democracy, there is equality before the law which means that law is impartial. Law is equally applied to all citizens.

Finally, the rights of the citizens are guaranteed and protected. No one is allowed to violate any one's right unless it is approved by law.

  • Are Nigerians really equal in their own country?

  • Why do people mimages (12).jpgaim and kill their fellow countrymen, and security agencies turn blind eye?
    Zuma Rock

  • Why do security agencies easily clampdown on peaceful agitators and sometime kill them?

  • Why is it that some people commit crimes and nobody arrests them.

All these questions are begging for answers, and urgent attention is needed to address the anomaly.

Nigerians enjoy freedom embedded in Human Rights declared by the United Nations in 1948.

For example, Freedom of movement in Nigeria ensures that people move about freely and live anywhere of their choice. This right is basic in Nigeria.
Also, right to own immovable property is key to our cooperative living.

People live anywhere in Nigeria acquire lands and run any business of their choice which is legal.

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  • Why would the case of cattle rearers be different?

  • Why is the federal government asking the states to provide them with colonies?

  • Are they running federal government enterprise that they deserve special treatment?

We look forward to seeing Federal government doing the right thing. Those who run cattle rearing business should buy land and ranch their cattles as it is done in other advanced countries of the world.



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Good post keep going, nigeria is changing now. because, its in the hands of youngsters so the positive change we will see.

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Change I agree with with you, but not in the positive direction, travel around Nigeria u will understand