Danger of Untamed Population

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Population is the total number of people living in a given place at a given time. A human population is made up of the dependant and the working class, women and men, and concentration par area. The process of getting this information through counting is call population census. Government conducts census which involves counting both humans and houses, periodically. For example, Nigeria does that every ten years.

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The Purpose of Population Census

  • Government uses the population data to make economic policies.

  • It aides the government in achieving equitable distribution of national resources.

  • Government monitors her population by constantly conduct census.

  • It is used to make economic forecast.

A lot has been said about Nigeria population and the rate at which it is growing. The last population census in Nigeria was in 2006. Nigeria was due for another census in 2016 which the government ailed to do for reason best known to them.

Nigeria, in 2006 was 140 million. And with its growth rate, according to researchers, Nigeria is currently above 180 million. With this, it is concluded that Nigeria by 2050 will be above 400 million in population and third most populated in the world. At present, Nigeria is number six most populated in the world, and tongue is wagging.

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Is There Anything To Fear?

When population is being discussed, China comes to mind. China has the largest population in the world. Chinese population, to the best of our knowledge, is not a problem but a strength. Having a population of one billion plus out of six billion world population automatically places China in the comity of world powers. China had properly managed and utilized her population to the benefit of her growth and development.

Chinese population case is a prove that there is strength in numbers. The fear of increase in population leading to adoption of measures to reverse the growth is a misplacement priority. A more working approach may likely be how to take the advantage of the population like China did.

As Nigeria alarmingly increases in population, the government should focus on how to maximize the population growth by doing the following:

  • Human capacity building in science, technology, and vocations.

  • Creating enabling environment for business to thrive.



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