How to tell you have mouth odor

in #nigeria4 years ago

There are things that people do to let you know you have mouth odor .I stopped going to mosque because of one man`s mouth odor .
1 once people begin to give you tooth paste and tooth brush as birthday or valentines gift you have it
2 once you carry a baby and you want to pet it ,it starts crying for no reason you have it
3 you always win arguments when people start arguing and you just show up and they run away you have it
Somebody once said marriage is like chewing gum when you just get married its sweet but then you keep chewing and its just gum left so you start thinking to yourself should i spit this gum or should i swalloorca-image-1509537553371.jpg_1509537553609.jpegw it.


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You are very funny.

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