Bigwaves annoucement: Nigerian scammers beware, last call an @iconzbranding example, please resteem to all NG community.

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Hello steemians.
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Recent events have got me sad as to the nature in which steemians have, and continue to believe that they can rip off an original work from the internet, and claim it as their own.

In no sane society is this sort of action allowed, nobody will voluntarily allow you to go free when you steal their works and claim it as yours.

Plagiarism is not your ticket, it never will be

The issue of plagiarism is a serious one. A normal human being will not allow you or anyone, no matter how close, to save, copy, and use his/her work to make money while the original creator wallows in poverty.
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@iconbranding was fortunately caught, and is now on the blacklist of the Nigerian curator team and community, please if ever you see his work, know that he is a chronic thief and plagiarizer of contents.

Screenshot (194).png

Plagiarism extends to pictures. If you think or feel that it doesn't, now you know.

I was sent a link to a post by @davidthelad where he stated something like this, but didnt get any traction.

link to picture problem here

Screenshot (195).png
Please if the right authorities can do something about this, please do, a picture is currently on of the easiest thing to plagiarize on steemit, as cheetah cannot easily locate a picture that has been cropped.

I want to specially thank sherlock holmes for exposing this dude and @stellabelle for dropping her input in stopping this scammer.

Steemit says no to ponzi schemes

I dont want to be a party pooper, but steemit also has zero tolerance for for well known and established scam programs and sites.

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Be it MMM, matrix schemes, pyramid schemes, or whatever they are, please take it far away and elsewhere. Coming over to steemit, you need not promote such schemes as you have no need for it.

Currently, two individuals from the nigerian community, names withheld for now, have tried to promote a sort of ponzi scheme, a pyramid scheme into the system, this habit always ends in people losing money, and we took swift action in taking such down.
phone screenshot of a ponzi scheme scam

Steemit is a community where you can earn , and where you can make money from interacting with people, rather than take such routes, introduce people into the platform, interact with the right people, write quality posts etc.

If you are too lazy to interact, and post, too lazy to network and help out, too lazy to think, then steemit is not for you.

The nigerian curation team will not stand for such act from the nigerian community.

Your works are being watched, your works are being read.

The nigerian curation team have been lenient enough to allow some some deviations to the guidelines we provided, please do not take this as an opportunity to drop half checked, improperly referenced and/or plagiarized works.

Any chronic content thief and/or scammer from the NG community should be reported to us or steemit moderators.

Our guidelines remains as follows.

The Guidelines

For posts to be eligible for curation by Project Bigwaves, a few guidelines need to be adhered to. The following are a few of them:

Only original content. Please make sure sources are linked properly. Plagiarism is strongly frowned upon so if you just "copy and paste", you shouldn't expect to get any reward.

Posts must have the #nigeria tag. Using this tag makes it possible for the curators to find your posts. It is very important so make sure to use it.

A single author may be upvoted only once every 24 hours. This is to make sure that the reward is spread evenly across board.

The higher the quality of your post, the higher the power of our votes! We are not out to reward just anything but quality. The better the quality, the better for the community.

We would not be voting on any post @cheetah or @steemcleaners comments on.

Posts must be by Nigerian authors only. This project has been setup to grow the Nigerian community and so we will be focusing on Nigerians

guideline source


Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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Nigeria's Image must not be tarnished by "bad eggs". I believe a word should be enough for the wise. He that has ear; let him hear.
God bless Nigerian Steemit Community. God bless you bro


Power to the NG community bro, continue the good works.


exactly. Most people think "nigerian prince" when they hear "nigeria". If done properly here on Steemit, you all can really repair that image. It's possible!


I see now why you're helping the Nigerian community.


nigerian prince scam, o boy, that's a 10+ year image that needs some major turn up. Thanks @stellabelle for the support to the community.

Great post resteemed!

Nice, I try to upvote as much Nigerians as I can but the content has to be good.


Good ones on steemit👍

this is a great move. it is high time we are known and discussed on pleasant issues and not on scams. thanks @destinysaid for this great move.


You too continue on your movement for the PortHarcourt hub, support will come your way from us.


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I am so glad to see well meaning Nigerians like @destinysaid, @ogoowinner, @gbenga, @ehiboss say no to plagiarism in all its forms (text, photos & videos). Stealing is stealing, whether it is stealing someone else's intellectual property (plagiarism) or scamming someone else (stealing by trick through ponzi schemes, HYIPS like MMM). It's sad that people can photoshop an original image/photo and claim that it is theirs. Witness @anyx, apart from being a witness in steemit, I think, is a computer scientist who is into PhD research. He is the developer of the @cheetah bot. It would be good if he upgrades cheetah to be able to detect plagiarized photos as well. The @redfishpillar project and @maryfavour fully support @cheetah, @steemcleaners, the Nigeria curation team in project bigwaves, and all other well meaning Nigerians to end this menace of plagiarism and scam. I am proudly Nigerian. God bless Nigeria.
Kind regards,
Project Designer


More grace to fulfill your duties maam

love this....thanks for the opportunity given to nigerians .i hope you give attention to my post....


Keep posting great content and you're sure to get noticed.

Thanks for this post and the guidelines.
As regards the image source ,please which are the best sources to get image from


Any site that offers "free for commercial use photos". You can start with pexels

Pls sir, is it that we should not use internet, fbook or whatsapp images again or we should always mention the source?


The best is to use images that are actually free to use. There are sites like where you can safely get pictures and reference them.

Referencing the source of a copyrighted image won't save you from any mess. Pictures online from google or Facebook and the likes might be copyrighted and you wouldn't necessarily know. So to be on the safe side, use stock photos that are free for commercial use.


helpful very helpful...

· is a great resource, or better yet, create your own pics like @purplerabbit is doing.

Thanks @fisteganos for the clarification.


unsplash and pixabay are ok, free to use.

We must fish the person out.


Fishers of men!

Lol, let it slide , next time




fisherman.png FISHERMAN!

fantastic work. With vigilance, we can make this site amazing. It takes all us working together. There is zero tolerance for ponzi or MLM schemes. If you need help reducing reputation of anyone who is doing ponzi scheme stuff, please let me know. I have zero tolerance for this crap.


wow, haha, on a lioness mode you are stellabelle(voice of yoda). Thanks for the relentless work and pursuit. Hope we work more together to fulfill our goals.

Well said!. Those who have Ears, let them hear.


The wise listen, the foolish forsake wise words

nice and well said..check out this amazing article and i believe you will love it


There are better ways of getting people to visit your blog @alasco. You can engage in the author in a productive conversation. Please do not spam


Well, bro @alasco, I would pardon you because you are new, but on a norm, spamming someone's feed for upvote will not take you anywhere., rather you have a higher chance of getting flagged.


follow gbenga's advice, because he just earned $3 for it.

Good work @destinysaid i read every line. Together we'll keep steemit clean. Most Nigerians didn't even know what plagiarism is until they came to Steemit.

Trending the #nigeria in all my post. I'll resteem to share the good news


Yeah bonus right? Our blogger here should all be arrested for copy pasting linda and co, hope alls good, mind sliding into my DM for some steem global talk?

Now we have a direction and every Nigerian must do the right thing.... thanks @destinysaid for the post.


Indeed! Every nigerian must. IF they cant grow, or learn, then this place is not for them.

Hi, I want to ask cos I'm a newbie and all. Is Steemitfollower a ponzi scheme?


steemitfollower? I don't use that service, so I cant categorically say if it is or isn't, but we'll look into it.

One other thing, rather than use such services, it is preferable that you buid followers who are interested in your work. A lot of newbies often go and do ''follow for follow''which just gets you followers that aren't in your genre of work. Rather post creative content, 'grind' if you will(grind as in work and progress slowly).


Yeah, that's what I was doing, until a clicked in a link a fellow newbie gave me and suddenly they told me 5 percent of my upvotes goes to the kyn guy. I just shock. The name is Steemfollower please.
And I don't know how to come out from it sef.