in nigeria •  5 months ago


This is another one of the favourite landscapes I did this year. The shadings of the the different trees particularly make me joyous.

This drawing was also done in accordance with one of my school assignment. The task to draw a detailed landscape drawing. The place I choose was a car park though there were not so much there at that moment.

The drawing took me approximately 6 hours to accomplish. I made use of Lead on Paper.


Currently a student at the University studying art as one of my specialization. Art. Poems. Books. Life

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This looks remarkable! How long did you have to practice for getting to this point?

Also, can you edit it in a way that the picture is shown horizontally?


I practically been drawing for like 10 years now.... So it pretty much an habit now lol..

I think the image reversing is a glitch as it is pretty straight in my picture..


Anything particular you really want to see and draw at the moment?


At the moment, I am basically learning different softwares but I hope to make more drawings soon.


Learning softwares is good thing, you can never go wrong with that these days.

Looking forward to more drawings of you.

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