Scam Alert: Resteem and stand a chance to win SBD; A 10 SBD bounty from @ceepee

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A call for urgent attention and need to spread these alert as fast and wide as possible.


There is a scamming alert on steemit and a lot of people have and are still falling for the scam.
It is a scam with cloned steemit website. It is important that you do not click on any link sent to you in comments or messages, and most importantly, do not log in with your steemit details as your account stand a chance of being hacked.

Here are the links to some of the post made regarding these scamming alert.

All four post all point to the same scamming site. Using different method to scam people.

It is very important and very urgent that all post alerting about this scam be resteemed so as to create the awareness of the scam and also spread the information to stop the scam.

A memo to the scammer(s):

Dear scammer, it is so sad and unfortunate that as intelligent as you are, you choose to waste a very good talent to reap off from other people. Your talent would reap you a hundred fold good reward if put into positive use. Sadly your intelligence did not teach you to be too smart. You will be figured out and you get what's coming for you. Put your talent into a better use to profit you and a community you can build with such intelligence.
Is not too late. Shut down your clone site and amend your ways.

Four different steemit accounts have been fished out:

OG scammer @good-kama -> notice the fishiness of his name
ALT accounts operated by the scammer: @omikunlejackson, @samriamelissa, @lalo78, @kilbride

Beware of these accounts and any scamming comment with a link.

There is a 10sbd or more bounty for those who resteem these post. If you resteemed, comment "resteemed" on the comment section of this post.

5 winners will be selected for the bounty.
You never know, may just be your lucky day to win some SBD by just resteeming a post.

Any one with good information or know how clone sites can be taking down can contact @runicar. He has a 50sbd reward prize for that person.

Thank you for stopping by and resteeming.

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Thanks for the alert @ceepee. Resteemed!!!

Many accounts were hacked and are used by the scammer(s) to lure users to I wrote a post about this


I still don't understand why people fall prey of clicking links from unsolicited mails, comments and the likes. But we all have to make sure steemit is safe for us all


Thanks @drakos. We must make conscious effort to stop scam on steemit.

Too many people fall for this - RESTEEMED

Upvoted and Resteemed for your noble cause .

Some people will rather spend their time doing evil than putting it to good use.

One of the fraudsters is the account

People should be aware of it . Resteemed .

Thank you for the info , will resteem it . "resteemed"

I had to read both your post and runicar's too, so glad i got this info firsthand. Not even knowing how to spot this spam accounts i might even have fallen victim one day. Good thing @runicar called for action, developing an anti phising site... Resteemed



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This is a good and urgent call. Hackers are getting too much and the earlier we stop them the better. Resteemed

The scammers are growing their base. Catch one and you'll discover another. This needs to be resteemed...


  ·  last year (edited)


They hacked my friends account and his reputation dropped to -1, also 30 SBD was transfered out of the account. These scammers need to be dealt with.

Good job

Something related to the above was discussed earlier today with my friends and the question was,

Why is it that the bad always succeed and those who try to follow protocols tend to to struggle a lot.

The answer is, anything that one struggle to archieve, he/she tends to value it the more and those who rather go behind or cheat the system do so in a short run and miss the fortune that awaits all in the future.

To scammers, I would have said you should continue but what @ceepee said

its still not too late to stop but rather you should deviate to a more and better way which would help you and your community.

Nobody remembers your millions you left behind when you are gone but the life you touched while you were alive.


Scammers seems to be on rampage this time around, everyday they device a new method. Thanks @ceepee for informing us . Resteemed


Resteemed for the purpose of the hustlers here on steemit

A lot of scammers on steemit lately. My condolences to those affected. I hope one will be caught soon and be dealt with to be a lesson to others.

  ·  last year (edited)

There's even more. I made a post today and I got a comment saying that the dude has written something about plagiarism stuff. He ended with a link to the post. I first went to check out his blog and found out that the dude has no such post and that the link (which was embedded) might be a phishing page. I'll get his name soon and edit this comment with the name of the user.


thanks you so much for this info. @ceepee