A fuel tanker fell near the OTEDOLA Bridge along the Lagos -Ibadan expressway. (videos upload) yesterday incidents

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A fuel tanker fell near the Otedola Bridge along the Lagos - Ibadan expressway way. Many cars on the Bridge are near Otedola Estate are was set on fire _too many catastrophic events this week .God please have mercy on this Country

Hmm. Slot of lives and properties wasted yesterday to identify the lost ones would be very difficult anyone who have a relatives or friends that traveled to that route yesterday should praying hard @adeshinataiwo feel so sad 😔


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That's so sad, but sometimes we've to insist hard tryouts in this life and people of your country have a crucial advantage by this in opposite to people of the western world, because mostly by you've a strong faith.

Believers not just have an advantage in this life with an eternal hope thanks to their faith (when atheists with their worldly hope giving up quickly in situations like this one), they see lost family members again when it's time to leave this "limited life" and go to the Lord, where the others are waiting.

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