We did it before, we can still do it again! Let's all join hands to support STEEM to get listed on Niffler.co

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Hi guys, hope you're all doing fine. I would like to share this post with you guy's just incase you aren't aware yet, STEEM has gotten an offer from Niffler.co to list it crypto "STEEM" on their exchange.

Here is a brief explanation about Niffler:

Niffler.co is a real time simulated crypto exchange that allows newbies the ability to learn about crypto trading without the risk,…once they get good enough, they can make money by teaching others!
Want to see Steem on the Niffler.co exchange? Show your support by registering and if enough STEEM fans and supporters do, we’ll add STEEM to the Niffler.co exchange!
So do your part and play a role in helping introduce the world to Steem and Steemit!

Above word in quote are copied from - http://Niffler.co

So inorder to get STEEM listed on Niffler.co exchange, Niffler.co has requested for a minimum sign-up of 5000 from STEEM supporters. All you need to do is go to the website: https://niffler.co/goal/steem and sign-up. It's quite very easy to do and won't take much of your time.

Show your support to STEEM and sign-up on https://niffler.co/goal/steem

As a form of encouragement and appreciation, @oracle-d has promised to reward those who shows their support to STEEM by signing up on Nefflier.co

All you need to do are as follow;

• Support Steem on Nifflier.co by signup with your details on https://niffler.co/goal/steem

• Write a blog about supporting Steem on Niffler.co

• Mention 5 Steemians in your post before submission and ask them to show their support for Steem and Ask those 5 Steemains to write about supporting Steem on Niffler also

• Use #nifflleronsteem as one of the tags in your post.

• Follow @SteemNetwork’s twitter account (https://twitter.com/SteemNetwork) and add a call to action in your post for others to follow it also

• Include the following links within or at the end of each post:
~ Niffler on Steem: https://niffler.co/goal/steem
~ Steem on Twitter: https://twitter.com/SteemNetwork

Following these above steps will earn you an upvote from the account @oracle-d.

Here are the list of people nominated by me to participate:

@sannihorlas, @kbanti, @belemo, @bitox, @allaz.




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