Let's make steem on niffler.co

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Let's make steem on niffler.co

Niffler.co is offering Steem a free listing on their cryptocurrency exchange if we get 5000 sign-ups to from the entire community using a single link.

Niffler is a company that is designed understand blockchain, crypto and cryptocurrency trading better , it is also safer and easier way to learn for newbie and experts.

How to vote:

  1. Click on the Niffler.co sign-up link for Steem: https://niffler.co/goal/steem
  2. Scroll down to find the sign-up entry fields. You can choose to sign-up using your email and a preferred password, or you can simply sign-up using your Google account.

  1. After sign-up, you have to create a username and viola, you are ready to go.
  2. At this point, the task is completed. Make a post similar to this one to tell others about this program. Use #NifflerOnSteem as a tag on your post. Tag 5 friends at the end of your posts to show support for Steem as well.
  3. Follow Steem's official handle on twitter at https://twitter.com/SteemNetwork
    Again, here's the link to sign-up on Niffler: https://niffler.co/goal/steem. Don't forget to follow Steem on twitter as well.

I'm tagging @trumpman @wales @djoi and to join in on the fun too.



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